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Game Stop Blows

So we reserve a wii game for the kids for Christmas and go to pick it up today and guess what? they sold it to some else even though we put a deposit on it. their response? first come first served and even a deposit doesn't guarantee you the game. port Washington NY store! what a joke. the clerk was so rude and could care less what happened. the guy just kept saying that they don't really hold games and if someone comes in and wants the game they just sell it to them. great customer service, wont be shopping there anymore
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:grin The proof is everytime you walk into the store. I had great relations with my local Gamestops even though I realized many of the issues. I spend $250 to $600 a month on video gaming. My local store loved me but it did not stop their ignorant workers from giving my games away or just being pure lazy and not checking.

When I talked too the district manager for SLC, UT Josh, and told him my problems with the stores he said it loses credibility when your emotional or upset with our associates.

on 12/1/2010 I took over 30 receipts for gamestop and submitted negative feedback. On 12/2/10 I received a call from my local police department advising me not to contact or visit any of the Gamestops in SLC. I called Josh and thanked him for making it easier to move my business to Amazon who by the way gives you $10 credit toward's your next pre-order and offers $.99c same day shipping.

People need to spread the word and move your business to Amazon ... Gamestop will go out of business slowly like Hollywood video.


Game Stop's policies are sent down from corp. and, trust me, it irks them just as much.

Much of the attitude you recieve is the product of the higher ups making a big deal about reservation quotas and then not allowing enough games to be sent to cover them. This makes the minimum wage worker look like the *** but really, they're just as frustrated getting yelled at all day for the same reason as you are for not getting your game. Technically, the policy is that they hold the game for 48 hours after the release date. If you haven't picked it up by then, they have to release the held copies to the general public.

This is simply a bottom-line issue and somewhat understandable considering the compition is really harsh these days.

Really, the best thing you can do is not get angry at your local store (if you're really cool and shop with them regularly, sometimes they'll hold a copy for you past the required supply release day)and fire a complaint call to corporate. Emails go ignored- call.


this just prove that they are not a reputable company. thank you for the heads up on this company

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Elkton, Virginia

Game stop

this company has to have the best *** game going recently i went into game stop to buy my daughter a game for her b-day i looked through there shelves when i found the game i wanted i took the case to the register and told them i want this brand new he then turned around opened a drawer and poped a disc into the empty case i told him again i want to buy a new one he claims it is new??? is this a joke ??? new is factory sealed!!! he told me that they open mostly all there games because of theft i can understand that but how do i know that is a new disc and not one of the used ones? how do i know that's all the advertisements and game manual that comes with a new disc? on top of all that the cover is damaged because they stuck there price tags directly onto the paper cover under the plastic so if you try to take the sticker off it will damage the cover ??? his only words after that was if i didn't like i could leave.. wow..... they need to work on there PR my advice to anyone out there looking for a game before going to game stop try other solutions like eBay,, best buy even walmart before wasting your money at game stop ( by the way there prices of used games are only a few dollars cheaper the a brand new FACTORY SEALED game at another store even best buy is selling used games now) i know the game stop is the same wherever you go but the on i am referring to is located at the steam town Mall Scranton PA
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I had a similar problem when there was a game store called EB Games when I was younger. A guy that was working there told me about a deal they had and I simply asked him if it was for used games only or any games.

He snapped at me when he said any game. Honestly, why would anybody want to hire such rude and hostile people is something I'll never understand.


I bought a game from them a week ago. When i got home i noticed 2 tiny cracks on the inner circle of the disc.

I also lost the receipt. The cracks spread to the point where the game is unplayable. I called the store and explaining in great detail, to the supervisor, she agreed to exchange the game for me.

I drove a nice distance to get back there, only to have her lie and change what we agreed on over the phone. Waste of time money gas fukk lamecockgamestop


Michael B.

I regret to inform you that I am unable to purchase anything from your company

You have a superb system. Your system even keeps honest buyers from buying anything from you.

Don't worry too much about it though because I found the same items on two different websites and bought both of them from someone else. I didn't have ANY problems using the exact same information using the exact same debit card I was trying to use with your system. And do you know what is better than being able to buy things from one source? I'll tell you, buying things you want or need from two sources who don't give you a problem when you provide the correct information to them, unlike your fantastic system.

The only difference is, their product is in the mail headed toward my childrens' Christmas while I am deployed in Afghanistan thousands of miles away unable to share in their Christmas joy and my money is in the other stores' bank accounts, not yours. =) Can you see how fantastic your "verification or review process" is?

I hope your company didn't spend a whole lot of money on it because, my money isn't coming to your company to defray any of the cost of your grand system :o

I am sorry if my decision to give my money to someone else causes your company an inconvenience but your company needs to learn to not protect their customers from themselves. Our federal, state and local governments do a bang up job of that already. :)

Have a nice day. Oh and one more thought. Less money in your company's pocket means less money they have to pay you for your excellent service. I hope you have better luck finding your next job. :)

Best Regards,

Guy Mikesell

The customer who is ALWAYS right!

On Fri, Dec 30, 2011 at 5:36 PM, Orders - wrote:

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for contacting

We regret to inform you that we are unable to process your order at this time. All orders go through a verification or review process to prevent potential fraud and most importantly protect our online customers, and as a result of this verification we are unable to accept your order.

Please note you have not been charged for this order. Any related authorization hold on your credit or debit card account will be released in accordance with your financial institution holds policy. Please contact your financial institution for more information.

Best Regards,

Michael B

GameStop Customer Service

-----Original Message-----

From: Guy Mikesell (guy.mikesell@***.com)

Sent: Dec 28, 2011 1:22:13 PM

Subject: Where is my order / when will it ship?

The order would not go through because of credit card did not match some obscure file you have which is probably wrong. I can only give you the address on my bank account. You website kept saying it was wrong. I verified my address with my banks but your website won't let me spend money on it because it says my billing address doesn't match your files???? Really? My address hasn't changed for a couple years now and it hasn't changed since I created this login information.


G'day mate,

this is a disappointed review from me

this is apply to


123 Grandview Blvd.

Madison, MS 39110

(601) 605-****

This is ***! i went there during black friday on 2011 for purchase new ps3 for my 1st time. The supervisor female AA who work at that time mislead people, the promotion stated if buy 2 free 1 for pre-owned games. but when i purchase 12 games. they charge me on the expensive product. all the cheap products get free.

Example, supposedly, if i buy 2 of $10 games which equal to $20, i should get free 1 $10 as well (same value or less). However, I bought 12 games. all the expensive price is being charged and all those cheap get free. This is not fair. when I asked for cancelation and redo again, they told me they cant do that. unable to do so. did not give me any strong evident. they keep delaying me.

so, my conclusion is, i told them, this is unfair, I will return back all the pre-owned games and purchase again or i will return all my purchased of $517 (which include 320gb ps3, bundle of ps3 accessories). Guess what that female AA said, 'we cant do so or else return everything'.

i said, 'yes', i'l do that'.

she said we closing in 2mins (even though it was 8:20pm). so, i said, i will return it back tomorrow then, she said yes, we open at tomorrow at 10am, and i'l be here on that morning. she also stated, if i ever open the ps3, Im unable to return everything.

this is show how the customer service in Madison, MS, Gamestop.

what was really pissed me off as i spend my time more than 4 hours to search the best games especially on hot sale (which only sale on that day). a very good service from 2pm-6.30pm (i spend my time searching on the best deal). even the female AA was there on the counter.

anyway, in conclusion, it was unjustice which cheat customers with hidden agenda in their promotion. they also rather forgo sale if been noticed, in order to cheat people to get higher sale.

my question is, what is the wrong to return all the 12 games, and purchase it again rather than return it everything.. what a *** decision.

In customer point of view, it really bring bad image to foreigner like me which im so disappointed with Gamestop in US. i rather purchase a little bit expensive products as long as they do not try to cheat me or mislead me.

for business point of view, such a *** amateur mistake for supervisor / manager who in charge on that time. i rather return it back and let the customers choice again or at least for next time.

p/s: not to mention the supervisor female AA just add mislead information into my membership data on my address. she also show horrible service with bad impression.

IT WAS NOT KAYLA WHO on THE CASHIER i blame the most( even though she did many mistake or maybe the system, she also even throw my receiptt to the rubbish bin (i guess to close the evident)) BUT the horrible part is HER SUPERVISOR (a female curly African American) WHO look INCHARGE on that time (about 8.10- 8.30pm). which i so disappointed on her decision. She also bring my receipt alone with her in the office room, God knows what she did to the data receipt, hopefully, no more lying or misleading or delete evident.

only 1 person i like there is a cashier before kayla (a guy which help me the most (probably to gain more sale from me before his shift end)).

my detail receipt:

11/25/11 18:37

02704/04 - 148

326552 kayla

Powerup reward acc: # : 387610****047

feedback number: 6G3EP - L2WFM


Bunch of butthurt crybabies.


Some people at these GameStop stores are clueless *** How did they even get hired??!?! It's beyond me!

They make up there own policies whenever they feel like it! For example, moronic employees will say "No" if you simply want to exchange a damaged "PRE-OWNED" plastic box for a better conitioned one! They are sooo ***! Even if you're spending upwards of $30 on a used game!

They will say "NO". lol!! While they sell damaged incomplete games without cover art or booklet! In generic boxes?!?!


They lost me as a customer! KEEP your 3 cent plastic box losers!


ROB: You obviously work for the man, Gamestop.

You can not comment on the employee's attitude, yet you won't address it either. I have submitted many complaints about your employee's attitudes.

Amazon now offers $10 credit towards your next new pre-order and $.99c same day shipping. Gamestop's time is coming to an end when the word spreads.

I bought a game off the shelf that said New, got it home they put clear tab on the right side and when I opened it there was no game manual.

I don't give a *** if your customer's like to browse the guide, etc. That's what they make display models for and that's why stores sale display models for less than NEW and they also DISCLOSE it is a DISPLAY model.

I guess they didn't teach you that video game consumer's are not as ignorant as you think we are and we generate more revenue than movies do, so watch out you will be out looking for a job soon.

I buy $250 to $600 a month in video games and accessories. I have over 25 cabinet's full of video games including rare one's imported from Japan. I no longer will give my money to Gamestop so they can continue to rape the customer with terrible customer service and high priced goodwill used games.

If a customer wants to sell you a game without the book/cover then make sure you charge less than used.

Gamestop employee's are all chumps and like to act tough because they have a phone next to them to call the police.


all you employees backing gamestop are iddiots. gamestop could easily put an empty case on the shelf and when brought to the front hand the customer and unopened case.

And its not just about taking the cellophane off its about destroying the case with your *** sticker and possibly stealing a potential unlock code or suchother that may come with.

and if buying the game as a gift what is somebody saposed to think when they unwrap a already opened game like the giver of gifts just took it off there own shelf and wrapped it. seriously not that hard to prevent theft loss while still in origanal packaging


As an employee, I've heard the complaint before. But frankly, it's childish. Our customers enjoy the ability to handle the case, peruse the instruction manuals, and make informed decisions on their game purchases. The fact that we remove and dispose of cellophane, just as you would at home, does not constitute as using the game.

Each disc is kept in a protective paper sleeve similar to those used by many PC software manufacturers until purchase. Furthermore, we generally have multiple copies of a new game in stock, meaning you bring us up the display, and we provide you with an unopened copy. We also offer extended coverage for those interested (referred to as a Game Play Guarantee, GPG for short) which gives you a 1-year warranty for defective exchange of the same item for a maximum of $3.

I can't comment on the demeanor of the employee in question... I have no problem explaining the process to a curious customer.


there are many other ways to prevent theft then to just open up all the new games you dont see best buy , toys r us or walmart open up there games to prevent theft and yes it is a big deal when you open up a game and say it is new and charge full price they expect you to just take there word for it but if the roles where reversed do you think they will just take your word at? if you think yes then you need to get out of that box and see thing for what they are

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Palmyra, Pennsylvania


We are pissed that Gamestop are hiring toooooooo many gingers. The arern't smart, they aren't good looking it just really grinds my gears. Gingers make your stores look very bad. We both were talking to many of our other friends and they all agree. Ginger have to go!!!!!!! Do know what a ginger is? It's someone who has red or orange hair and no one wants that. Or to look at. Being a ginger makes someone suddenly unatractive. Take our advice if you have any people that are gingers, fire them right away. Please it will help the pore people that go into gamestop to buy games.
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seriously? either the original poster has problems or this is just a joke that fails at trying to be funny.


Wow, what an ***. Lmao.


Does not matter if they are a ginger, its the fact that almost every one of their employee's are ignorant of video gaming.

Gamestop should test their skill levels. They don't know the answers to any of your questions and often tell you lies instead of just saying I don't know let me find out for you.

Boycott ALL gamestops


See this is why 12 year olds shouldnt watch southpark i bet there parents are prolly total failures at what thaey do


wow this is by far the most *** *** i ever heard


Seriously? You really just did this post to be prejudice?


A ginger? You're pissed at GameStop because they employ people with red and/or orange hair?

Seriously, that's the only gripe you could come up with?

Do the world a favor and unplug your internet, that way we all can be mercifully free from the stupidity that is you. Better yet, do the entire world a really big solid and overdose on the crack that you obviously smoke on a daily basis.

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Irvine, California

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I was going to game stop to attend this video game conest to see who could be the best fighter for the new smash brothers game for wii, the contest occured after open hours but I got my name registered for it. When I got there late I explained why I was and the ***...
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Nothing like watching a bunch of retards get angry over nothing online.

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Chicago, Illinois