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Gamestop's latest evil move

Not that it's that big a deal, in the scheme of other horrible practices by this company, but I thought I'd share this little tidbit: Gamestop just jacked up the used price of Call of Duty: Black Ops by $20 recently. Why? Because Black Ops 2 is coming out. They flat out told me so in the store. Kind of shady. I can understand that they want to make a buck, but the day before, the game was $24. Suddenly it jumped to $44. A typical Gamestop move - no respect for their customer base. One can only pray that they suffer the fate of Blockbuster one day.
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Well, GameStop's prices all vary on supply and demand. Depending on how many pre-owned games of a certain game GameStop sells compared to the amount of trade-in's on the same game all determine the price.

Since Black-Ops 2 is coming out in November, a lot of people are buying it and not a lot are trading it in.

A LOT of games do this when a sequel to a popular game comes out, especially for any call of duty game. If anything, blame everyone who is buying Black-Ops.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
So my kids pooled all of their money... vacation money, allowance, etc. Mom and Dad kicked in some money and so did we. BOTH of them did this... to get a Nintendo 3DS for Dylan so that he would have one too. We got it at GameStop and 2 days later Target had it on sale...
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Absolutely a joke in customer service.

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Baltimore, Maryland

GameStop Selling Used Games as New-Forest Hills, New York!!!!

I went to pick up a brand new game that i reserved online.The location is on Forest Hills, New York. When I went to get it, the employee who is also I believe the store manager, showed me the game that was in a cd holder open with a badly bent online access code. To make matters worse he went to look for the case and came back and told me he could not find the case. He said someone must have stolen it thinking there was a game in it and that it happens alot. Then he offered me 5% off which would be one dollar off the total if i wanted it. There is no way that this was brand new and gamestop is ripping off the company who created this game. This is not the first time that gamestop has tried selling me a brand new game that is opened which defeats the purpose of being brand new and sealed. They have the excuse that they need to display the case. What they are really doing is keeping all the profit and marking it as new when it is used. I hope Gamestop goes out of business once Xbox and possibly Playstation stops selling physical games.
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LOL, I'm sorry, but Steve is absolutely right. Cars are not only opened and unsealed, but driven to their locations with a minimum of one mile on the odometer, that car will be sold as new.

Your definition of new being sealed is your definition of new. If it says it's new, its new. If you want a sealed copy, ask for it. You were offered the last new copy in the store though, so prepare to wait for it to be shipped to your location.

Also, if you are too mousy to say something in the store, kinda on you.

Ask questions receive answers, rant online receive pity. What do you really want?


I usually just buy used games and Gamestop and try to buy new games elsewhere because new games will usually be the same price anyway.


You're wrong Steve, the moment you open a game, it is used. Regardless if it has been played or not.


You're joking right? You realize that they do have to open at least one copy of every game to display on the floor or otherwise there would be no copies of anything on the walls and you'd never know what was in stock or not

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New York, New York
As a recent former employee, I just wanted to say how the district manager, Steve Key of Rock Hill, SC SERIOUSLY mistreats his employees. I had been with the company one year and six months when I quit my sales associate position July 12Th 2012. I busted my butt for...
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Once you put in a 2 weeks notice it is at the discretion of the employer to continue your employment regardless of your posted schedule. Don't be a ***

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Fort Mill, South Carolina

Game doesn't work and a no refund policy

I downloaded Abe's Oddysee and learned later that it doesnt work in Windows 7. I had to contact them several times trying to get it installed..finally got it installed and tried to play it. The program began with a couple lines of text then locks up the pc. Each time I tried different things...same lockup.and a hard shtdown. The software wasn't expensive, only a couple dollars, but GameStop would rather lose your future business than make it right. They said I should have checked the compatability...(which is not prvided on their site). I certainly would not reccomend GameStop to anyone
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NHOJ LLAW then why do you sell them used games? you can sell them to people instead, ***.


I would certainly recommend Gamestop to anyone that isn't a *** like you. and it is your fault that you didn't check the compatibility.

if someone opened a brand new Xbox 360 game but when home to realize that they have a Nintendo Wii, should Gamestop return it just because that person is dumb?

no. sorry but downloaded games/new games are non refundable, usually by law.

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San Diego, California

GameStop new game scam

My kids have eagerly anticipated the Lego Batman2 and Game Stop had a promo if you reserved the game before it was released they would give you 5 bonus characters for the game. I have 11 year old triplet boys that have been waiting for this game to be released and were heartbroken when we picked our the game the game after already purchasing it that the extra characters promised were not on the game, only available on the xbox360 and ps3 not on any other platforms previously promised in the promo creative on the counter for all other game systems. I would have gladly returned the game and bought it cheaper at the WalMart next door if wasnt for the fact that my kids had all their friends invited over to play the new game.
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Just asking are you firstborntriplet's father?


Gamestop doesn't make those rules. It's decided by design teams and studios. Gamestop just makes sure to inform that it's a preorder bonus, and as most people who are likely to preorder have those 2 systems, that step provided by Gamestop employees is helpful and exciting, by and large.


I ran into the same thing at Game Stop; however, I verified with the store TWICE that the bonus applied to my console as well.


come on, it's just 5 characters. but at least you were smart enough to realize that you can't return a new game.

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Columbus, Ohio

Its used!

So i bought Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for my 3ds last month and it was under the New category so i had to buy it for the NEW advertised price. I get home and put it in my ds and see that there was a save file in use! The clerk gave me a USED game for the price of a NEW game. I was feeling lazy and decided to never go back and try to return it but i bet they wouldnt let me seeing the things gamestop has done to me in the past. I am pissed Gamestop!
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I bought a new sealed copy of RE6 and it had a scratched to *** copy of tekken 6 and a demo disc from october 2007 :cry :?


I bought a new sealed copy of RE6 and it had a scratched to *** copy of tekken 6 and a demo disc from october 2007 :cry :?


@Jenny, I actually laughed at your comment. As YourRediculous stated, the only reason we have to "gut" a new game is when we have to display the single copy of the game on the wall.

It literally goes from game case, to a sleeve, to the drawer with the game case being put up on the wall. Employees are not allowed to take new games home with them with the game check-out GameStop employees are privileged to have. If a store was letting employees rent new games, people will be fired, new employees will be hired.

It is VERY unlikely anyone has ever played the gutted copy of a game you are about to buy and if that's an issue, buy pre-owned. It is such a better alternative to buying new anyways, as you can literally buy the game and a week later, return it for a full refund just because you didn't like it.


How far are you in the game. I collected 19 and a half heart pieces, and am about to defeat Gannondorf.


The fact that it had a save file on it means something slipped through the cracks. HOWEVER, Gamestop does not put new stickers on used games. The unsealed ones are due to the fact that customer STEAL sealed games on racks. So when stores are down to their last copy, it's the one that, ideally, the disc or cartridge literally went from case to sleeve to drawer. As stated from the earlier response, if you feel squeamish about this, Gamestop employees try to be helpful and find a sealed copy.

As for the save file, that could be several things: a dishonest employee (yes they happen in every business) who played it, or an exception made for a raging customer who insisted something or other was Gamestop's fault, so Gamestop returned it as a courtesy, or several other permutations of these themes.

You should have calmly stated that your new game which you purchased already had a save file, could you please get a new one? But, judging by your post, that action may be out of your league.


That's why you should *always* skip buying "New" games that are no in factory sealed. If they don't have it sealed, ask them to search for a store that does.

Most of the time you buy a "new" game at Gamestop, it's simply a used game that has a "new" sticker on it.


well I agree that that's messed up. that's basically not allowed either because personal info or anything that's saved should be deleted before being sold to someone.

like when a store sells a refurbished computer for example. but still, you should have gone back to the store and did something instead of being lazy.

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Gaithersburg, Maryland

Won't match their own price wtf?

So I will give you the details that lead up to this. I wanted the new star wars xbox 360 limited edition bundle so I traded in my 4gb xbox that put 104 towards the console. Then I sold my wii and all the games and extra controllers to it 400 or more dollars in store credit paid off the console. When I go to pick up the console at the release date they cant find my pre order so I have to stand there for an hour while she looks up and calls a number that takes forever, and then they call the district manager and he tell her and she finds it in 10 seconds. That same day April 3 2012 I bought a PS vita with the 55 bonus stuff 3g and a free downloadable game. I also need to mention I bought Mod Nation Racers with my vita. Come to find out the coupon expired no free game. A week and a half later in their own add you buy any vita and get a game and case free could give a rats *** about the case. I just wanted my 20 bucks back for Mod Nation as it is one of the free ones. I asked them kindly to fix this issue we do not price match ourselves. WTF? You have a return policy of 30 days whats the *** diff if you return and re ring. Spent over 1000 bucks there in 2 weeks and this is how they treat me *** you gamestop.
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Honestly, if it was within 7 days, a recurring return number in Gamestop return policy, a manager may have tried to help you, especially if you could be able to be articulate and polite. However, this is so cut and dry it's crazy.


All deals have begin and end dates and you bought your item outside of those dates. Perhaps, if you had impulse control, you could have waited things out till a deal came around.


you're a *** and talk like one too. so what if you had to wait like 5 minutes?

at least you got your nerdy looking Xbox 360. they probably had trouble finding the preorder because yours was probably the only preorder for the Star Wars one. and why would you waste your money on something dumb like a PS Vita? and on the same day?

and so what if they didn't do a price guarantee? not all stores do.

well have fun playing video games for probably like 12-15 hours every day and night until the sun comes up. I'm sure you'll try to find some online gaming boyfriends to play with while you play Call Of Duty and Battlefield.

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Washington, District Of Columbia

Poor Customer Service

I have been a GS customer for over 15 years. Generally I have been very satisfied with the service I have recieved at GS when it came to buying and trading games. The complementary services that can't be measured directly like discussing gameplay, features, and game asthetics is what has set GS apart from other retailers like a BestBuy or Walmart where I can buy the same game for the exact same price brandnew. This is especially where the store's (GS) customer service is crucially important. I dont go to GS just because it sells video games, I go to GS to speak with "knowledgeable" and "friendly" people about whether a game or product is worth my limited time or spending my hard earned money on. Recently, I had an encounter with an employee over the phone, where the employee kept putting me on hold for 10-20 minutes at a time. Even when I asked not to be put on hold on a call back, the same employee disregarded my request and proceeded to put me on hold never once returning to the phone. I called GS customer service to ask for contact info for the district or regional manager to report the issue but they would not give out any information. This allowed me to conclude that GS apparently knows how deplorable their customer service is and that they cant be bothered with trying to truly resolve any real problems their customers are experiencing. The funny thing is, I called to ask a really general question about new release and due to poor training of an employee it blew up into a customer service issue. Suffice it to say, Iwill no longer spend my cash at GS based on this experience and principal alone. While GS could probably careless about my little money, I care even less to ever patronize their stores again. Location of poor customer service: GameStop 8455 Crestway Dr, #105, Converse, TX 78109 (210) 310-**** This experience occurred on 03/14/12 @ 12:25 PM
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If you are asking for an opinion on a game, just remember, opinions are like *** everyone has one. Just because one person likes a game doesn't mean someone else won't think it is total ***.

I am very honest with my customers. If they ask my opinion on a game, I give my honest opinion, whether it sucks or not.

As far as your phone call, I'm not defending the store or the employee you had the issue with, but I know personally, there are a lot of times when I have a the 15 customers who are standing right in front of me staring at me, or answer the phone and have someone ask me the trade in value of 23 ps2 games. Think about it!


Most of the time, when you get put on hold, it's because there are fifteen people standing in front of me. ALthough I am not from the store you're complaining about, I want to stick up for this.

I only answer the phone if I at least have a minute to spare. Otherwise, I'll let it ring. We try to get as much done as possible with a store full of people in the quickest time possible. It's not always easy to make everyone happy.

Have a little patience for the people that work there. I can almost guarantee they're not standing there laughing at you as you're on hold, they're busy dealing with other customers that are actually in the store.




You're really so melodramatic that one bad employee means that all your good experiences mean nothing? Way to repay those past, good employees with your patronage!!

When you call customer service, they do not give out numbers to every crazy mom or gaming nerd or child that felt they had a terrible experience so that they can blow up the one district manager's phone. So, customer service takes the info if you can't be helped over the phone, and forwards it so you can receive a call back. As can be inferred, if they're going to take your number to forward to correct the issue, usually it should be a pretty serious issue...not one bad employee.

Further, is it possible that the employee that put you on hold might have been working alone, as is common? Perhaps they had a long line of customers who also get more and more irate if they wait (despite the employee's best effort)? Unfortunately, employees in all businesses have to prioritize during pressing times, and shooting the breeze about games with customers (though fun) has to take a backseat to a line of customers prepared to ring out.


you're a ***. you're not gonna shop there just because of a phone call?

probably because you're fat and play video games all night until the sun comes up, like Call Of Duty with your online boyfriends. look up games online or go learn about them in the store instead of expecting employees to stay on the phone with you, telling you about video games while you probably try to ask them on a date over the phone which might be why they didn't even want to talk to you in the first place.

and besides, how do you know they weren't really busy when you called? if you're going to stop shopping at a store over a phone call that wasn't answered then you have problems.


I agree with you that Game Stop sucks.

But really its not the employees job to make sure you are not wasting your money on a game and getting a lemon. Its your responsibility to look up reviews on a game on different sites to make make an informed decision, dont be so lazy.

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San Antonio, Texas

A lesson in patronage?

I visited this particular Gamestop location with my 12 year old son. I have shopped at Gamestop for several years, and never received great service but it was tolerable. But today I was completed embarrassed, discussed, and angered over the service I received. Simply asking a general question, regarding Gamestop's PowerUP program, prompted the manager of the location to raise his voice at me and talk down to me in a completely unprovoked manner. Without going into complete detail, I stated that as a customer my patronage was paying his salary. He told me that I didn't pay his salary Gamestop did; "I bet this manager's IQ is off the chart" !! I asked for his superior's name, which the manager refused to give, and was told that it was none of my business. Another clerk gave me a customer service number to call and the store manager's name. I called customer service and was told the district manager would call me in three days. I am 48 years old, and I have never experienced the amount of total disrespect as a customer as I received today. I plan on filing complaints with the BBB and the department of consumer affairs. This was a lesson in self respect for my 12 year old son. He stated that he was embarrassed for the employee, not for how he talked to me, but because he was an embarrassment to other customers in the store.
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*** "You're Ridiculous"

You must be really high on your pedestal looking down on mere mortals.

Half of my encounters with Gamestop workers have been the worst experiences I have ever had.


Ultimately, the job of the employee is to smile and bear it no matter how rude you are. But, though they are employees, they are still people and not automatons.

I'm just discerning that from your salary comment, you, yourself, are incredibly rude and self-important. So, well done for inciting an employee and then making it your business that they lose their low-paying job in this economy.

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#302002 Review #302002 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Dallas, Texas

Bought game for 43.00 wanted to exchange I could only get 3.00 in store credit!!!!!!!

I bought the Mel B workout game for the Play Station Move. I didnt like it and I wasnt satisfied. I took it back a week later to excchange or at least get a refund! Also had a receipt. This guy tells me because it is new and has been opened that I wouldnt get my money back. Well can I at least exchange it the guy says I can get store credit I was like fine my brother can use it. This is where I got pissed he told me I was only allowed 3.00 in store credit what the *** will I get with that? I want answers that sounds crazy to me! Needless to say i threw the receipt at this guy and told him do you see how much I paid for this? He was no help at all. GAME STOP CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS! I am very unhappy!!!!!!!!
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I do not like the new Manager at the GameStop store in Bernalillo, NM. He is rude and arrogant.

Every since he's been there, the store has gone down hill. The employees are no longer helpful or friendly. The original employee (girl) still there is no longer as nice as she use to be.

She was sitting on the floor laughing with the manager either at me or between themselves which I found to be offensive and rude. The morale and cleanliness and customer service is no longer there.


1. The policy is not only obviously written on the receipt, but it's a fairly ubiquitous policy. No one returns formally sealed games for the very obvious issues: scratching, not new condition, possibly used promotional codes, etc. Even Wal-Mart, one of the biggest retailers in America no longer does this.

2. I'm guessing if you had bought if used, versus foolishly buying it new, the price would have been drastically lower. This would be for the same reason that the game's trade value is so low. Nobody likes the game, it's not fun, other customers don't want it, it doesn't sell, and you didn't even like it.

3. Once again referring to policy, it is clearly stated that the 7 day return for dissatisfaction only applies to used products.

4. You threw your receipt? Well done punishing a lowly employee for the trade values that are set at the top that, unfortunately, he is bound to enforce. If you use logic, versus emotions, maybe you'll learn something.


what about the other issue involving you being a little baby? that hasn't been resolved.


I did not come on here to get attacked by a bunch of people. I just came on here to express my frustration.

If someone feels like they disagree with my concerns fine. Please dont make negative comments on my post. If you cant help me then dont say anything at all.

This issue has already been resovled.



who said you're in a factor in our lives? you only wish.

at least I'm yelling at someone like you behind a computer screen instead of looking for online boyfriends like you. I mean you already think that you're important to me. not only that, you can stop with the little tough comments. because obviously the only think I can say is behind a computer screen.

I mean it's not like I can go down the street to your house and say everything to you instead. loser.


HaHa both of you are *** I'm glad I'm a factor in your life. I didn't come on here for negative comment.

Yall talk big *** behind a computer screen!

Get a *** life. Leave me the *** alone!!


I agree with Ihatederps. mnc0130 is just a clueless ***.

he's probably just some 12 year old kid that finally bought something without his mommy's permission. but it was probably still her money.


MNC you are a derp. Did you fail to read the return policy CLEARLY outlined on the back of the receipt?

I swear some people on this site that are complaining are the same types of brainstems that would drink ammonia and state they didn't know it would hurt them, even though it says it RIGHT ON THE BOTTLE! Social Darwinism has been horribly slacking off lately.....


Leave me the *** alone! Its over and done with!

Go mess with someone else! I understand the process now.


I don't care if you're new to buying video games. it's common sense to know that when a new product is opened, it isn't open anymore.

so how is a store supposed to resell it if your selfish *** returned it? like I said, next time.. buy the game used. then you can return it if you don't like it because it'll still be used.

does that make any sense? just because you don't follow the rules of retail stores doesn't mean you have to use Amazon.

before we know it, you'll buy a game off of Amazon and try to pull the same trick. or you'll return it to Walmart and claim that you bought it there.

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#299762 Review #299762 is a subjective opinion of poster.
San Bruno, California


I am a member subscribed to Gamestop. Being a member allows me to get a magazine called the "Gameinformer" every month or so. When i got the recent issue i flipped through the pages and saw an article called "Jak and Daxter Collection". The game was said to be on PS3&360. Seeing how it was released on February 7th i rushed to the nearest Gamestop and asked if they had it. They said it would be in stock within the next few days. After some small talk I brought up how I had a Xbox and the employee stated "The game is only for PS3" I showed him the article and he saw how it said "PS3 360" He said that it was a typo from the magazine and i was very mad. I drove all the way to the store to just be disappointed. I feel like something should be done about this. I went through this trouble because of an error on a huge corporation.
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Gameinformer, though peddled by Gamestop is a completely separate company and therefore only they are liable for their typo's. Also, don't you have a phone?

Do you drive to your friend's house whenever you want to have a conversation. Gamestop isn't responsible for your lack of impulse control.


it should also be common sense if you played the original Jak and Daxter games which were only available on the PS2.


Epic fail on Billieboyjoe deliverance boy for not calling the store prior to going in. I agree with urmom; stop being a crybaby for lack of follow up prior to going into the store. There is a gallon of bleach calling your name.


Blame GameInformer..Not Gamestop.


oh well, mistakes happen. get over it and you should have also called or checked online to see if they had the game.

especially because if it was for Xbox 360, what if it sold out or something before you got there?

as much as I would like a Jak & Daxter collection for Xbox 360, what are you gonna do? force Gamestop to force the companies that are required to make to make the game?


You had no problem going "all the way" to the store without calling to see if they had it in stock. Even if they made it for the 360; it could have easily been sold out and you would be in the same situation.

Stop looking for handouts. You took a risk by just rushing over to the store.

You failed. Endgame.

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Lacey, Washington
I pre-ordered two games from three months ago. The games are due to be released next month. It's been a long time since I placed my original orders at and since that time I've switched banks. I didn't have an account with GameStop (it ain't...
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This happens, I've been a good customer in the store but the company website blocks me from ordering. Google around, you'll see other people are blocked as well.

Seems like an easy way to lose profits. Amazon is doing just fine with my business when I preorder.

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#298599 Review #298599 is a subjective opinion of poster.
San Diego, California

Switch and catch with so called free month and game

GameStop hads a Sony bundle pack PSP Vista that includes a free month of Data from At&T and a free download game with this bundle. I find out after getting this great bundle deal I need to sighn up with AT&T and pay for the first month to get this free game and your 2nd month is free. Gamestop told me I should have asked AT&T about it before I got this bundle. They have nothing to do with this free month and game that was told to everyone. They passed the buck so did AT&T when I had asked them.
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If you actually bother to read the sticker that Sony (not GameStop mind you, GameStop had absolutely ZERO to do with the promotion) put on the box, it clearly states the conditions.

You are basically upset that you failed to read. Good on you. Let's hear it for 'MURICA.


I found that out myself after getting that bundle.Gamestop did have an ad saying you will get a free game and it did not say you get a free game after you sighn up for 30 days with AT&T.

I did call Gamestop costumer service about the ad and they read the ad and told me that they will call me back. They never did and took the ad off there website the very next day.


You didn't ask AT&T before buying it. You should have. The people at Gamestop tried to help you, but you are too st00pid.


you're a *** for buying a PSP. especially the Vita.


I'm a *** for buying a 3DS. especially the Wii U. :grin


I'm also a *** for buying the Xbox. Especially their 360. :) :grin


I'm a *** for buying the Atari 2600. Especially their PS4.

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#297965 Review #297965 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Boynton Beach, Florida

Not very caring or nice

Gamestop took my money and I wasnt able to download the content now they wont help me or give me a refund, at least it was only a 40$ lesson it could have been worse I dont have 100 words to say.g h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h hh h h h h h h h hh h h h h hh h h h h h hh h h heck Ive been ripped off before Ill get over it.
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#296997 Review #296997 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Denver, Colorado