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Gamestop refuses to give me my money back

Ok to make the long story short, I got a coupon for buy two get one free bought these on different stores because they did not have all of them in one store: Dark souls $28 bought with a coupon also to take some money off MGS HD $31 Mass effect 2 free Guy offered a free game for 7 more dollars, got: Condemned 2 free Fallout $7 Asked if I could modify this arrangement if I changed my mind, they said yes, I asked this because I havent; touched a game since 2006 and I am just noticing that a lot of games are giving me ad motion sickness. But I was stocking up that day so I got, no coupon: Dragon age- $18 Fist of the north star- $18 Bioshock $8 So after a few days, unluckily, Most did give me motion sickness, decided to keep mgs and dark souls (it's more of a collector's thing, even if they make me sick I would keep them), asked if it would be fine to just pay for KOF 13 (because fighting games do not give me motion sickness so far, so I wanted that instead of MA 2) return my free game and get dark souls for free, since it's the cheapest, they said it was fine. So I come into the store within the time that was necessary (7 days) after the transaction which is confusing to the employee, so he tries to do everything fast because of the line, he ends up returning 18 dollars and charging me for KOF 13, so now out of 50 dolalrs worth of games, I have 18 and no free games, I ended up paying for KOF too, and I now got no free game. I couldn't stay and complain even if I inisted so I decided to call later. No one picks up the phone, I call another gamestop, explained the situation and they told me they could help me, they only made matter worse and gave me a new recipt saying that I got MGS HD for free, no money back, I am the same as before...except without any records now. I can only hope I can recover them somehow (as I said, I had no time to get uppity about it), because even after I complained they insist 50 dollars worth of returned games is 18 dollars, even tough I payed in cash they insist it said I did so with a gift card AND I got no free games, so My coupon was not taken into consideration. So my question is, should I just keep pressing this issue on the manager or who would I contact? I have very limited time to deal with this but 50 bucks is a lot of money in my books, to lose over faulty math from a gamestop computer specially when they said everything I wanted to do was fine!.
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Tijuana, Mexico
Gamestop Gift Card

Gamestop refuses to give me back 50 dlls

Hi, I live In California, Chula Vista to be specific. Before we star, this is gonna be long and complicated, so please bear with me. I admit that because of time constrains I could not deal with this in a lenghty manner, but here's what happened, I was stocking up on cheap games since I havent' had tiem to game since 2006, I bought dragon age origins, fist of the north star, both for 18 dlls, bioshock for 8 bucks, and went pro, they gave me a buy two get one free coupon, and decided I wanted MGS hd, dark souls and mass effect 2 as my free game (it's cheaper than my cheapes bought game), it was a mess since I had to go to three different stores because they didn't sell all of them pre owned at one location. In the third location, the guy offered me to get 7 bucks worth of a game and get another one free, and I said sure, why not, I just asked if I changed my mind I coul also modify or return the coupon bought games, he said that was fine within seven days. then I started to notice that, like some games recently, these gave me motion sickness for the most part, bioshock was the worst, so I decided to return them, all of them, and simply get KOF 13 as I played the dmeo and no motion sickness was to be found (and to be honest I have not had a lot of time to play the mgs and dark souls, but I will keep them even if these too make me sick just for the collectible factor). Ok so here's a little complicated bit, I bought dark souls originally with a 20 percent off coupon so it made it 28, since Iw as getting MA 2 that would fit the criteria still, but I asked if I could just pay for KOF 13 and since dark souls is the same price, just make that the free one and get the 18 bucks back. SO we have return dragon age, fist of the north star, fallout 3 and condemned 2 (those two I got when the guy said I could spoend 7 more bucks and get one more free) and bioshock, stay with mgs, buy KOF 13, and get dark souls as my free game, I realize it's a little complicated but it was within the offer's timeline of modification and returns. I go to the Gamestop and of course, the guy is confused, and he is astounded by how much I am returning, I tried to explain the problem but, and not to blame him, there was a line waiting and he wnated to do it real fas, coupled with the fact that I had two gamestop recipts because i had to go to different stores, I understand the confusion, but still...anyway, I went there explained, and he says ok, but he says he can't give me cahs ebcause it says I used a "gift card" which I did not and I don't know why they put that there, at the end I ended up with 3 games, KOF 13, MGS HD and dark souls, the problem is I got 18 dollars back from my return (he gave me a note saying I couldn't return anymore games, I'm fine with that) and he charged me for KOF 13, so I payed all of the games, do the math here Dragon age - 18 fist-18 fallout-7 bioshock-8 that is 51 dlls, I got back 18 dollars and I got charged for KOF 13, so that means I didn't get any free, and I think he used the return money to charge me for KOF 13. He was complaining about holding the line and it wa sall just a mess, and we are busy people we got stuff to do I had to get back for a class, I had to do this within the timeline to return the games, etc, so I insisted it was wrong but I really had no time to stay and complain and make a fuzz. I called the store later that day but no one picked up the phone (at 6 pm), SO I called another store see if they could help, now I think they just made matters worse, since all he did was give me a new recipt that says MGS is free...but I still only have 18 dollars, not to mention someone put gift card when I payed in cash, I ended up the same and now my recipt has no record of me ever byuing or returning dragon age and the rest, I can only hope you guys can give me suggestions, because I suspect I am screwed, I realize 50 bucks might not seem like a lot to some but I have to make every penny count, and I am either retarded with math or the computer is because I don't see how returning 50 dlls worht of merchendise WHEN I already payer in cahs for MGS and dark souls gets one 18 dollars in change. I can only hope they keep some sort of record or te guy at the original store recognizes me and the situation, even if you think it's too much of a return or that I am at fault for my constrained time, I asked about everything I was doing and the employees told me everything was fine to do ad I did it within the time necessary, yet they insist that returnign 50 dlls equals 18 dollars and they never even recognized my coupon or membership since I was charged for all three games.
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As a past retail employee, the following happens when you do a B2G1 return, with promos on one of the 3 items.

They return all 3 items AT THE PRICE YOU PAID FOR THEM AT. If you had a promo price on one of the items, you only get the promo price back, not the full price.

They zero out the item that was originally for free. That leaves you with what you originally paid.

They then add the new items to the transaction, and zero out the -cheapest- of the items. If you kept one of the original items at the promo price, they discount its price back to the promo price. If this new total is greater than what you had before, you pay the difference.

You can only do one of these kinds of returns ONCE to avoid people attempting to juggle free games around.

From what I gather in your poorly laid out and horrendously spelled post, you returned things, bought more expensive things, and aren't happy that you had to pay more because the more expensive games ran over your return credit.

Learn to math.


that's what happens when you makes things complicated. of course I'm going by what the comments say, the original post looks too long and dumb to read.


Well, I didn't really HAVE a choice but to shop at multiple stores, the games I wanted were not in only one location, they were spread all around, and why should I be forced to buy games I don't want just so the coupon thing can be done at only one store at their convenience. I am not trying to make them a villian really, I realize the transaction was complicated, but that's not the point, each store was informed of what I was going to do before I went did it and they said it was completely fine, the returns were made on time and I had all necessary things to do so, a simple mistake of stress on the part of the guy who made the transaction that didn't even let me explain clearly what I was going to do.

Also, I realize internet anonimity puts a magic pair of balls on a person, but don't call me a "bored retard" ***, I'm dealing with an unexpected circumstance when I was told everything was in order. Anyway at the end I'm think I'll let it go, I now know what to do and what NOT to do next time ( a much more helpful person on yahoo answers gave me the advice that even if other stores claim they can help me, they'll just makes things worse, live and learn I guess).


You are making things too complicated for them. It's not their fault you chose to shop at multiple stores and then want to only do a partial return.

This is your fault. You bored retard.

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Tijuana, Mexico
Gamestop Gift Card

Took the money and ignored us. No regards for customers!!

On Febuary 2nd, my son Matthew and I went into Gamestop. My son reserved a game awhile ago and paid the 5.00 reservation fee. Then after awhile Matthew decided that he wanted the special edition so he went to Gamestop again. They looked him up on the computer and asked that he pay another 5.00 for the upgrade. So he did. When we went into Gamestop to pick up the game my son told the guy George that he reserved the game twice and p!aid twice. George (the clerk) looked it up and said they combined the two requests into one. I mentioned again that he had PAID twice but no response. JUST IGNORING ME!!! I told my son that this isn't a donation and we are entitled to our money!! I'm tired of companies blowing off consumers!! GAMESTOP obviously doesn't care if their customers are treated fairly. It's not so much the 5.00 is the fact that we were ignored and they didn't care. EXTRA MONEY for them!
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Everyone posting here about a "deposit fee" ... wrong.

GameStop does not charge fees for reserves. Everything put down goes towards the price of the game. From reading the complaint, the lady seems upset that they took two reserves, and put the money from both towards the same game. I have no idea where anyone is getting the illusion money was lost.

If you put $5 down on a 59.99 game, you owe 54.99+tax. If they then applied a second pre-order to that purchase, it drops it down to 49.99+tax. No money was lost. I think someone needs to learn how to read receipts before they go on-line to whine about things they don't understand.

The effect is exactly the same as having had $10 on one order. The only "problem" here is that the $5 for the upgrade was mistakenly applied to a new pre-order, instead of adding to the old one which did not matter at all in the end.


How is an 8 year old "smart" than the other people commenting here? Smarter than his parent, I'm sure.

Also, I'm sure you're going to qualify for parent of the year, smacking your EIGHT YEAR OLD SON and hoping for his death over five dollars. Someone should call CPS before he becomes a teenager and REALLY begins to spend money.


You can't get your deposit money back...IT'S A DEPOSIT. If you cancel it, they still keep it. Learn to read the gamestop policy about cancelling..:/


Katmat sounds like she's just a little too crazy.


Why dont you dummies shut up. My son Matthew is smart than you and he is only eight.


Actually, our deposits are refundable.

And second, for most games we require a minimum $5 deposit. In some cases when you want to upgrade to a collector's or limited edition, the cost of the deposit is $10.. That would be why he payed the extra $5 I'm assuming?

And you can go in at any point and get your deposit back..


You reserved a game for a $5 Deposit. This fee is non-refundable.

You later decided not to go through with the purchase, so Gamestop kept your non-refundable deposit.

Your purchase of the "special edition" is a completely separate game and an entirely different transaction. You lost the deposit on the first one because you failed to follow through with the contract to buy the game.

You had to place a second deposit with Gamestop for the special edition; because it is an entirely different product. With it's own UPC and everything.

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Spokane, Washington

Game Stop

I bought a game for my son. Took it home and didn't work. The next day we tried to exchange it. I was on the phone and sent my son into the store. He came out crying. I went flying in there and the clerk said tough. You should of bought insurance. I said give the the phone number to corp. He gave the number. After 20 minutes on hold they said they would have a DM call me. That was last week. And the last time we'll ever go back. Over the last few years we've sent thousands there. What a rip off.
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for all we know, the story is a lie. they posted as anonymous.

and Gamestop has a return policy of 7 days if a game doesn't work, or something like that. sound this story sounds exaggerated.

this person might have tried to return it like a month later. so who knows.


The reason my son was crying is because the clerk molsested him. What kind of sick freak molests eight year old kids.


Generally, the Gamestops I've dealt with do try to help the customer. But, in the case damage was done to the disc (especially with the new games) there's not a lot they can do.

I've had my XBox 360 laserburn a disc, and like the employee told you the insurance does cover that. Damage the system causes is not part of their return policy.


Steve: Thanks. I used to work at a *** job myself where I didn't care about my work until I started working for Gamestop.

I am finally at a place where I feel I am needed and my expertise in gaming comes to hand. It is sad that some reps will not go out of their way to help a customer I am sorry your son came out in tears and you had to deal with this nonsense. My manager where I work at (who is a girl gamer) will be on here to check the site out.

She would like to talk to you and collect information so it can be adressed to the DM and he can take it from there. We don't need Gamestop reputation to be battered because of one employee who doesn't give a ***


The first thing you need to do is make a complaint to the better business bureau. They'll kick the *** out of them.


Wow, that is not like GameStop at all; you got a *** representative. I used to go to a GameStop in Brooklyn (a city where customer service sucks at almost ALL retail joints), and they were always super awesome. I even returned a used game I bought once because I couldn't stand playing it (Assassin's Creed) and they were willing to give me the full cost of it in store credit! That is unheard of for any kind of software, because of course people could then "rent" games for free.

I mean ***, look at the fact that a GameStop employee responded to this, asking you to give them another chance, worrying about his company's reputation, etc. How many retail employees give a *** enough about their company to do that, especially anonymously where they will not even get rewarded by their boss?

BTW "Gamestop Worker" - I think you are really going to go far with your great attitude. ***, when I worked in retail I didn't give a *** about my company. Kudos!


I am appalled to hear this and this is coming from someone who works at Gamestop.When I started, the manager in charge told me we always try to help the customer; in any circumstance. We always give the customer 14 days to return a product if the game is defective or they are not satisfied in exchange for another game or a refund.

To me, it sounds like this rep did not try to help you out and give Gamestop a bad reputation. This person obviously should not work in the customer service industry if he is not willing to go out of his/her way to help you.

I hope you will not stop going to Gamestop because of a bad experience. I am sure there are other reps, like myself who would make sure to help you.


I am appalled to hear this and this is coming from someone who works at Gamestop.When I started, the manager in charge told me we always try to help the customer; in any circumstance. We always give the customer 14 days to return a product if the game is defective or they are not satisfied in exchange for another game or a refund.

To me, it sounds like this rep did not try to help you out and give Gamestop a bad reputation. This person obviously should not work in the customer service industry if he is not willing to go out of his/her way to help you.

I hope you will not stop going to Gamestop because of a bad experience. I am sure there are other reps, like myself who would make sure to help you.

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Lone Tree, Colorado

GameStop Incorrect Shipments

We ordered some electronic Game cartridges, and less than half of the items received were the correct ones. After sending back the incorrect ones, we received one correct one, and one incorrect item. I'm an understanding person, but the incompetence of the order-filling and the lack of support from the local retail store, plus all the time, stress and gas I have wasted trying to deal with this company has made me vow never to shop with them again. On-line customer service help was friendly, and varied form immediate answering to waiting on-hold for half an hour. But in the end, getting the products we paid for has been ridiculously difficult.
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Tacoma, Washington
Michael B. I regret to inform you that I am unable to purchase anything from your company You have a superb system. Your system even keeps honest buyers from buying anything from you. Don't worry too much about it though because I found the same...
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I hate, HATE Gamestop! I've given up trying to give them my money and lost out on a lot of exclusives as a result. Yet, another problem that could have been solved with something like Paypal.

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El Paso, Texas
I have had it up to here with both Gamestop, Moviestop, and FYE! These people buy stolen goods all the time and when you attempt to search it out they are all "wellll I cant tell you that." My Sister had a dvd set with her name clear as day written on it and she goes...
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Exactly, it is not gamestop's nor fye's fault that your PRODUCT got sold. They aren't getting paid to investigate. They are getting paid to sell the products they were GIVEN.

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#275343 Review #275343 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Macon, Georgia

First they *** up our $270.00in store buy went back 50 miles one way then they give us the wrong ga

We went to buy a xbox 360 for our sons 6th birthday, paid extra so all 6 of the games had books. They took them out to check something out. Then Justin from Sioux City IA didn't put them back. So we had to drive 50 miles one way to get them. Thought it was an honest mistake. So we bought 3 more games. Then come to find out they sent the wrong game in the case, a 20 dolar game, so now we have to drive 50 miles one to get the right game. Now that makes 200 milesfrom our time, gas money and you know thats not cheap. I also can't cal anyone to complain about it. So my son can not play the game he wanted to. A 6 year old , birthday boy, This is NOT good service! I am extremey upset, he waited amost a year for that system. We paid all that $ and it is going to cost more out of our pocket. Something HAS got to be done about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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why would you drive so far for something that's available at many other stores? I'm not saying Gamestop didn't do anything wrong but still.


it doesnt matter what you people think about the age of the child. thats YOUR OPINION. the MAIN point is lack of customer CAR and SATISFACTION!

its the store who is selling a products place to make sure what they are selling is correct. and it should also be there policy to correct the problem and make the costomer happy. whats happening in this world where the all mighty dollar is more important than having a happy customer who wants to return to your store and purchase more.

Tammy i agree with you. i have had Gamestop do it to me as well. they place the wrong game in the case.. and i had to go out of pocket to purchase the correct game since they insisted i removed the correct game and placed the wrong one in it myself at home. when your playing a MMO thats a collectors edition this is VERY VERY costly. all i can say is maybe you should consider spending your money elsewhere


6 years old and getting an xbox? In my personal view i think children shouldnt be introduced to gaming until they are at least 10-11.

6 sounds like a ridiculous age for me.

Anyways this story is a good one. It proves that before leaving the store you have to check every single thing to make sure that they got it right.


Are these games used? If so, not all of them come with books.

It's probably not even gamestop's fault. You should have double checked!


I know Justin, he wouldnt willingly screw someone over. Maybe you should have checked everything you purchased before leaving the store!!


First of no 6 year old needs am Xbox second off some games don't have books or they may have forgotten them. It's your own fault for driving 200 miles for a game, there is this great thing called the Internet and guess what they bring it too you!

If you have to drive 50 miles for a game then you should have thought ahead of time think you could have saved money just from the gas you saved. Use that noggin

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Champaign, Illinois

This company will end up just like Hollywood Video

I don't know what upper management has been thinking, but Gamestop of Bristol has gone WAY down, the store manager Mike has horrible people/management skills, another employee Trina smells like Pot most of the time, and the other guy there Brendon is an ***! The three of them running that store is such a mistake! What happened to Brian/Dawn/Chris?? The three of them had great customer service skills, knowledge of the games and were good employees, I see Brian only on Mondays, they let Dawn go, and Chris is one maybe 1 day a week. I'm telling you you guys are going to end up just like Hollywood video, I constantly hear brendon scanning something in wrong (doen't that cause shinkage)? Mike is an *** and doesn't know how to tal to people, i didn't know people like that get management positions (unless he's screwing someone above him I don't see how he got that job)!!!!!!
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1 comment

Is it at all possible that your daughter is (gasp) a teenager? And like most teens, she could have an issue with being told what to do.

When I worked at GameStop I know I had to do a lot of mundane things in order to keep my job, but I did them nonetheless. Also, just from hearing what you're typing, you're complaining about things that are speculated upon. Have you ever actually seen this girl smoking pot or drinking on the job? Or have either of you ever seen somebody in the store on their laptop searching kiddy ***?

I mean, cmon..

IP addresses are recorded by google and all searches are monitored. It's not like that stuff is just floating around the internet.

Either way, it seems to me like your daughter MIGHT have been fired in an abrupt manner, but honestly, to throw propaganda and speculation out like that; it seems more likely that she's just pissed cause she lost her job and readily willing to throw people under the bus for things that don't have anything to do with the actual job and/or performance.

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Dallas, Texas

Gamestop Craps [4155 US 29, Lilburn, GA 30047]

It's an Unpleasant evening today... I went to Gamestop to cancel my order... 4155 US 29, Lilburn, GA 30047 store#2258 When I approached the store associate named Joseph (fat white-guy), a manager, I believed, I told him I want to cancel one of my preordered games. He asked me why I said b/c I don't want it anymore, and he asked me why do I want to cancel now. I told him I don't need it anymore, I've changed my mind. I told him I want to cancel BF3, and he called me crazy. At first, I thought he is joking, but he called me crazy again. His attitude is he doesn't want to cancel the game & giving a hard time, but I told him I just want to cancel it. He finally cancelled, and threw the receipt on the counter in front of me! Like he meant GEt out of my FAce! But I keep my cool, and I didn't say anything yet but b/c I almost cussing him out in the store! How dare that disrespect M0therFuker did that. He is a disrespect/@sshole/retarded-moth3rfuker!!! I'm a customer, I have every RIGHTS to cancel my order!! I want to inform you guys that DO NOT VISIT THIS US 29, GA store anymore! This @sshole got no respect for customer! Better yet, don't shop at Gamestop at all!!
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I agree with the other posters. You had obviously took his wording wrong.

I, for one am not interested in Dead Island. I am more of a PC Gamer but I do keep up with other platforms(Nintendo, Sony,Xbox) and I try to help the customer, in any regards. If I do not have an answer, I will simply tell them I do not know. I do not want to feed the customer a line of BS just to sell a game.

As far for cancelling your game order, You have every right. Without question to cancel your order. Some reps will ask why but will not grind you to keep the game. Its a preference.

I never heard of anyone being fired because they had a "low quota" of sales.

That is complete hearsay. I've been with Gamestop for over 5 yrs and not have been reprimanded for lack of sales.


Gamestop carries no "quota" and while reserves are important to the company, few people have ever been fired because of having a bad week of performance. If they consistently suck, then yes they get fired. Why employee someone that doesn't meet job requirements?


Though I agree that the tone of the original poster is inappropriate, I suspect it is the result of youthful arrogance rather than ignorance. That same disrespectful attitude is most likely what garnered the similar disrespectful response from the Game Adviser.

That said, I still find his complaint credible due to a bit of knowledge about GameStop policy and procedures. GameStop has quotas and ranks reservations (and subscriptions). If a reservation is cancelled, it counts against the employee that receives it and therefore cancellations are worrisome. Low rankings result in fewer hours for employees and sometime even terminations.

That is why employees are so pushy about making them and resistant to cancellations. The original poster is surely immature, but that doesn't make his complaint any less credible.


It's posts like this that make me wonder how credible your complaint can be when you appear this ignorant. Perhaps you just took it the wrong way? I think if you would have voiced your concerns (in a fashionably nice manner) then you would have at least been able to gauge his reaction and to see if he meant to be rude or if you just construed it that way.


It's posts like this that make me wonder how credible your complaint can be when you appear this ignorant. Perhaps you just took it the wrong way? I think if you would have voiced your concerns (in a fashionably nice manner) then you would have at least been able to gauge his reaction and to see if he meant to be rude or if you just construed it that way.

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Stone Mountain, Georgia

I know more then gamestop employees

on September 6th i went in to gamestop to trade in some games to see if i could get the money to buy dead island if they still had a copy of it when i walked in to the store there where 2 costumers that the cashier was dealing with the other employee was just standing there it took him 5 min to help me well he was trading in my games i went to see if they had any copy of dead island they did so i garbed it and look around for a bit when he was done i was told i got 68$ for my trade in i wasn't 100% on buying it because i had read it had a bad story line and game play lacked so i went up to the employee that helped me and asked what he could tell me about it in a board tone he told me he couldn't tell me anything about it it just came out i had just looked it up for 5 min and knew more about the game then he did i was pissed so i put the game back and got some different games i know it was new but i knew more about it then he did i didn't get the because he could tell me anything about it other the that i have great dealing with gamestop
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Do you know what commas and periods are?


I agree with Herp. On top of that at least the employee didn't lie and make something up about the game in order to make a sale. Id rather have the blasé truth rather then some BS.


Wait.. so you're upset that the employee didn't know much about the game?

You heard somewhere that the game sucked, that doesn't make you *** expert. The game had only recently come out, and it's in very high demand.

I've been trying to get a copy for a long time, and haven't been able to. Just because this employee wasn't very up-to-date in this game doesn't mean he's a bad employee, it means he probably either isn't interested in it, or hasn't gotten around to getting a copy to play.

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Overland Park, Kansas

Game Stop Customers Worth Less Than $29.99

LONG, LONG term customer, with 2 teenage sons who one every gaming system in existence (all purchased from Game Stop), the first to pre-order games... have spent thousands of dollars at Game Stop. Purchased Star Wars the Force, Unleashed for the PS3 ($29.99) on Tuesday with Overnight Shipping, UPS erroneously marked it as delivered on Thursday. Called Friday to report and seek a replacement (as it was a gift for my son). Was advised that a replacement could not be shipped until Game Stop completed its "investigation." This process of "tracing" the package would take 10 business days. When asked to speak with a supervisor and gently remind them of my long term purchase history--I was placed on hold 3 times (for 3 minutes or more) and told that representative had spoken to supervisor and the policy stands. When asked additional times to speak with supervisor, was finally transferred to Jamie at extension 7632, who proceeded to tell me that the policy was to protect Game Stop from customers who would abuse them. I reminded him to view my account, 16 purchases in the past 3 months alone--he said it did not matter, they must be protected. Directly asked him to explain to me why Game Stop would be willing to lose a long term customer who has spent thousands, just this year alone over $29.99. He said, "Well ma'am that is certainly your choice." Final resolution: I wait 10 business days for UPS investigation. Upon it going in my favor, I could receive a refund in 5-7 business days if their claims representative approves it. If UPS erroneously find it was delivered in hand, I have no recourse. If the claims representative does not approve the refund, I have no recourse. My final resolution: To NEVER, EVER spend another dollar of my hard earned money at Game Stop and to find alternatives. I would rather spend more money to avoid the drama (total customer service call time 2 hours) of dealing with a business that sees the value of my business as worth less than $29.99. #EpicFailGameStop
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I love how people need to be ranked by how much money you spend in a store. It really doesn't matter if you spend $1000 or $10, a customer is a customer.

So, because of a UPS error, you blame GameStop for protecting themselves from potentially losing money and sending an item that may potentially be delivered to you twice? Thus them losing money.

If the shoe were on the other foot and you were selling this item on eBay, you would want to do the same sort of investigation. It's funny how selfish people get when it comes to money.


As I may agree with the 1st person about the whole ups and the customer service. your attitude towards how the employees told you that you could not buy the game is ***.

It is called ESRB, its LAW, just like buying alchohol/tobacco, since he's not of age you can just walk up next in line and say hey im 21 i can buy beer he's my brother, they will refuse.Just because its games doesnt make it different, its laws that our nation have, you are not his legal guardian and if any other store would do this for you, its in violation of the law, therefore they are conducting business wrong. So if you choose not to buy at gamestop, it looks like he won't be buying any games by himself, He will need a parent to purchase M till he is over 17. I wouldnt risk my job for him whether I knew him or not. If it was a set-up the employee and the boss would be fined and fired.

So instead of getting pissed at the employees get pissed at the law, and this law was not set by gamestop. Go complain to the ESRB if its a problem


My brother also for several years has only shopped at game stop. He plays video games all day and he buys a new game every week and he also pre orders new games all the time.

He always goes into the store with my or my dad. But the last time we went they would not let him purchase a game, it was MA rated game, which is the type of games he buys all the time when he is in there. Everyone at the store knows him and my dad. But since I was not his legal guardian they would not let him purchase the game.

So then I took the games he was going to buy and I told them I was going to buy them with my card and pay for them and they still would not let us get it.

They make such a huge deal out of everything. My brother now can't decide if he wants to continue shopping there

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Los Angeles, California

They ripped me off

okay so i traded in my old playstation portable 1000 and i was told i would get 35 dollars in store credit. a few weeks later my giftcard came in the mail and it said i had a balance of 18 dollars on the card. i was ripped off and will never ever shop at best buy again. also, i bought a playstation 3 game and after i beat it twice, i was going to return it, but they wouldnt let me! terible return policy they have. if you want to buy or trade in video games, i suggest you go to gamestop instead.
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Should have sold it on ebay! :>


you wouldn't let someone buy your game, beat it, and return and have them expect money in return.

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Pleasant Grove, Utah

GameStop fraud

Recently I bought a brand new game final fantasy from GameStop at 202 WALTON WAY, STE 172, CEDAR PARK, TX 78613. Game was for xobox360 and should have 3 DVDs inside. When I opened the pack, I got only one DVD. I went to gamestop for replacement, guy says, he does not have replacement and will not refund. He asked me to go to another store at lakeline mall, Austin, Texas. I went there. Guy gave me 2 used dvds instead of new one. After some arguments, he agreed to refund the money. Point is, beware of such malpractice from GameStop. Please buy games from any other place but gamestop. You will get better deal and much more polite customer service.
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Plano, Texas

I am not happy with Gamestop of Bristol AT ALL!!!

I am writing this to let all of the locals as well as any future customer know what to expect. I think it is ashame that the good employees (Chris and Brian) never get recognition, they only get written up for store numbers being low or because there LAZY managers decided not to do there end of the work! I have (on more than 1 occasion) found Andre (the store Assistant manager) doing nothing while Brian and Chris are working there butts off to either sell items or fix the stores appearance. I constantly see Jake (another employee) watching Brian and Chris like he doesn't have any work to do himself. He is one of Andre's friends (i'm sure that's why that *** got hired), so he's always looking to tell on them when they are the ones actually doing there job! If you were not already informed, or caught on, Andre and Dawn are dating which makes it unfair in more ways than 1. It's always 2 (Andre and Dawn) against 1. Andre is constantly changing the schedule without giving certain employees (chris and brian) a heads up so they are not late. I heard everyone was written up by the district manager due to sales being down....HELLO who really has money to buy games all the time and if we say we DO NOT want an edge card the first time, WE DON'T WANT AN EDGE card the second or third time, I hate people asking me that more than once and so do ALOT of other people!!!!!!!!!! I rally hope Chris and Brian get some good reviews and a raise, and I hope Andre gets let go for his LAZINESS and Dawn gets let go, or written up as a FINAL warning!!
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I kind of agree with Anaway. but I also agree with original poster, sometimes management is *** plus you can't always control sales, it depends more on the store itself and its prices. some management just expects its employees to force sales down customers's throats.


....They can't remember EVERY single time you come in and say no to an edge card..What's wrong with you? That's like going to a fast food place and expecting the cashier to remember the same thing you order each time. What is wrong with you?

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Dallas, Texas