Dear corporate, office of gamestop, if you're reading this, this is an bad and excellent service review. i am here too inform you about the expirences of your Bloomingdale illinoss store and stratford store in Bloomingdale. (Next too walmart). I have had some issues with the one next too the walmart (bloomingdale store. I called them, and asked them nice and respectfully, if i'm able too have one of them put an ps4 system onto hold on for me. The male manager was so mean or rude onto the phone, "No." First come, first serve. Before he hanged up the phone. I asked him for his name, he refused. No manager needs to treat customers like that. He screamed and raised his voice.

Too let you know i'm not going too go shopping at the one next too bloomingdale location never ever again.

I want your corporate office to reward the hard working workers at your stratford square. They know how too treat their costumers. They will always do their best efforts too put stuff onto hold. I got the games and the system. I am always going too go into your stratford square gamestop. I'm always going too get my games from your stratford square store. sencerly, annoymous

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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That grammar was awful. I sincerely hope you didn’t send this as a letter to anyone.


Learn to spell

to Anonymous #1117898

This was obviously written by a young child. The fact that that they mistake being told no as "rude" proves this.

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