Ok so, my 7 yr old son and I share the same birthday. He loves playing WWE 2k with his dad every chance we get

With our birthdays approaching on 3/8/22 he thought it would be awesome to get wwe2k22!!!!!!!

Naturally I agreed so we both went to our local GameStop store and pre ordered the deluxe version for our ps5. The total was $106 dollars and some odd cents under the agreement that we would get it on 3/8/22 perfect right?

Accept for the fact that these people had no problem taking my money and we ended up with no product to pick up that we pre ordered and paid for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am livid with this situation as I took a day off of work to hang out with my 7yr old disappointed son, who is now missing his biggest gift of his birthday and who has also been counting down the days to play this game only to be let down by these companies!!!!!!!!!

User's recommendation: If you preorder call ahead a few days in advance to check status. Do not relay on employees to do their job properly.

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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