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I was on a trip to NYC and decided to buy a Xbox 360 and some pre-owned games and I thought: why not GameStop? As far as I knew, this was the biggest game store in the US.

I bought a few games at 1282 Broadway and when I came back to Brazil I did not have any problems with it. Until i decided to try the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. My Xbox started doing a lot of strange noises and said it could not play the game. I tried again, thinking it could be just some reading problem, the same thing happened, but when I opened the lid, for my surprise, the cd was not there.

My Xbox literally swallowed my game! When I closed and opened the lid again, the cd came out. I started comparing it to my other games and realized it did not have the Xbox 360 logo in its inner circle (the sparkling thing), at first I could not believe that GameStop could sell me a fake game, but I am pretty sure that this is what happened. Unfortunately, I will not be going back to the US in the next few weeks and can't exchange it for a good copy of the game.

I have sent an email but got no response so far. My only hope is to be heard through this website.

I've provided some photos to confirm the cd's illegitimacy. I would like to be repaired in some way!!

Monetary Loss: $28.

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Any gamestop employee that sees the monsterous white sticker up in the corner knows exactly what it means.

You're game isn't fake, or a forgery or any sort, hopefully you can work something out with the website if not you'll have to swap it at a physical location.

to Anonymous #893428

Correct. That CD has been refurbished and had some sort of damage to the inner ring of the CD and possibly had scratches. GameStop stores get sent these from their corporate offices in Texas and four out of five times those CDs do not work.


That center ring is what they put on at the refurb center when the disk has a crack in it, but not in the actual data. It's basically a sticker to reinforce the disk, which if you peel it off, will show the original Xbox logo in all of its glory.


Was the game "used" or "new"? If it was used...

GameStop did not make the game. Someone traded it in. Probably made a copy of it in attempt to get money.

GameStop employees inspect all discs and it's possible that this disc looked convincing enough, so the employee accepted it as a trade-in. If I were you, instead of emailing, I would have called corporation explaining the situation.

to Anonymous #1013851

finally someone with some brains Xbox 360 easy to mod people create their own games on DVD disc so more than likely it was a used game you bought a game that someone else burned onto a DVD.

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