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I was going to game stop to attend this video game conest to see who could be the best fighter for the new smash brothers game for wii, the contest occured after open hours but I got my name registered for it.

When I got there late I explained why I was and the *** manager asked me to leave, I called him back the same night and he was acting like he was innocent.

So I contacted the district manager, left him a message, called back again and never heard back from him. As a kid I enjoyed going to funcoland but when game stop took over, spit changed.

Atleast the derranged/estranged manager doesn't work at dat location no moe.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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Nothing like watching a bunch of retards get angry over nothing online.


No name you must be as illiterate as the OP there is on such word as stranged not to mention he can't even spell more.

This person needs to spend more time learning how to spell and less time playing video games.


You were late, your fault, you got kicked out of the tournament for being late(I assumed you called it a contest because you cannot spell tournament) end of story good bye.


The person who posted this knows what he's talking about, that's more then what I can say/type for any of you immature ingrates.


the original poster is just some dumb little kid.


so you're pissed cause you couldn't prove to the world that you have no life?


You're pissed because someone didn't allow you into some function at a video game store because you were late? Seriously?

Yeah it blows that the manager was too much into his job to allow for someone with a punctuality deficiency to join, but maybe people might start to get to events that they want to attend just a little early, say 10 minutes. Just a thought.


I'm the best at Vulcan Deathsquad 3000!!!!


Maybe if you could use words correctly someone would listen to you.


What I meant to say was that I'm 8 plus I can be a real biznatch at times, you're not an *** I am :grin


:grin How old are you? 8?

Dat and no more.

You are an ***. Have a great day!

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