I've had a couple of run ins with these losers. They were both at the Barksdale Air Force Base LA branch (the Army and Air Force Exchange Service has a contract w/ Game stop to operate locations in exchange malls on various bases- to supplement their own stores game selections. Since they're an AAFES contractor, they can't get away with as much, or they'd be kicked off the base. Though they try!)

My first run in with these clowns was last Christmas. When a Game Stop Goomer told me I shouldn't buy a PS2 for my kid because they've stopped making the games. I should go ahead and fork out for a PS3 from them. I contacted Sony and they said that was a lie. So I contacted Game Stop. I got a quick response from there regional military manager(probably because I threatened to contact AAFES officials and the US govt. about their underhanded sales tactics. Don't want to lose their sweet contract scaming military families) He pretty much groveled and offered a $20 gift card as an apology to what was claimed to be a misunderstanding because of a less than well trained salesman.

Second run in was just recently. Our son went behind our back and went in to the store to trade a DS game he'd been given for a birthday(original price was $29.95 now $16-20 retail). Well my wife and I were pissed about it. So we told him he was going back to the store to get it back, while we browsed elsewhere. He took his game card and a $5 bill I'd given him (figuring they'd want to make a profit)and get the game back. He comes back and tells us he doesn't have enough, they want $17.99 for his game, they tell him that if he'd come back sooner they could of done something (we'd been gone all of 30 minutes, how *** soon do they mean?)I told my son to give me the game card and the five bucks. My son went to look at toys, my wife came with me to the game stop. Now I'm a fairly husky guy, with a broad chest and a booming voice. I don't use this technique on every store I have a problem with, but since I'd had a prior run in at this store, I decided to go with the bad *** approach. I walked in and noted three flunkies laying about. In my loud booming voice I announced; which one of you claims to be the manager? The smallest of them all had the nads to say he was (I didn't see it, but my wife says a couple of them jumped when I started talking)I told them I wasn't pleased with them ripping off an 11 year old, and we wanted the game back, and I wasn't paying no $17.99 for a used game that sells for about $10 used online. After some retail geek horse manure spewing from his mouth, about how he'd love to help me if I'd calm down.( All I'd done was raise my voice, and bugged my eyes out a little, I'd like to of seen his reaction if I'd started my phony tremors and spitting when I speak bit) After he and his techno geek retail bud got through punching in data, in a flurry of hands and feet. My wife and I walked with the game, minus of course the seven bucks they'd given my kid.

Bottom line; be tough with these clowns whatever store you're at. They charge higher than average prices on new and used games, they take advantage of both kids and adults naivety. Current policy is always whatever spews from their mouth at that very moment. If they think they can get away with it they will try it, but if you're going to spill the beans, and cause bad publicity, they seem like they'll cave. If you gotta shop here, beware of these corporate game crooks. better choices would be; Best Buy, Amazon, Half, Target, Wal-mart. or some local independent game retailer.

Location: Bossier City, Louisiana

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B52gunner is a baby.


Look I have worked at gamestop for years and truss what were a business. If your kid did it behind ur back that's bad in u not the company. And no we are not all small geeks just make sure that you understand the policies before u get in the store.


Yeah, I agree with you but be careful. Gamestop employee's are weak and my boyfriend was just talking to the guy over the phone and was upset and he called the police saying he was threatening him.

I filled out over 35 of their feedbacks putting all the problems I had and giving negative feedback and the next day the police dept contacted me and said I was not allowed in any of the stores within 30 miles of my home.

It did not matter because I already told them that I moved my $250 to $600 a month business to Amazon because they offer $10 credit on next pre-order and $.99c same day shipping.

Spread the word and Boycott Gamestop and they will go down like Hollywood video games.

Video games generate more revenue than movies do. We have the power.

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