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I've been trying to contact GS about only releasing PS5 bundles when they get consoles and no consoles only for well over a month. Countless messages on social media and emails.

I was told last fall when I traded in my PS4 pro that I'd be able to buy a console only by the end of the year or the very beginning of this one. Every single time they get them in stock they only sell 800-$900 bundles forcing people to buy a bunch of stuff they either don't want, don't need or already have if they want a PS5. So now I have a gift certificate that is essentially worthless to me until they stop being greedy or stores are overflowing with consoles. In my attempt to see if I could cash in my card for even a slight loss as you get less on a trade than you do store credit, my messages have continually went unanswered.

At this point I am done with GS as soon as I can redeem this gift card in someway.

GS is on its way out, and I don't really see them being Around for more than 2-3 years anyways. They will soon go the way of blockbuster especially with policies and customer service as awful as theirs is.

User's recommendation: Don't accept a gift card expecting something to come back in stock or rely on them in anyway for that matter.

Preferred solution: My gift card exchanged for money so I may take my business elsewhere to someone who isn't as greedy by only selling bundles trying to cram other products on to people. .

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It's obvious you don't understand how business works. Gamestop is not the only company doing bundles, so stop acting like they are doing something illegal.

Nobody forced you to trade your system in, for a product that you had no idea when you would actually be able to get. Much like the people who ran blockbuster, you are an idiot.


First of all you must not be able to read as said, I was told when they'd have them by and that they'd have only consoles. Secondly literally every other place I've looked is selling consoles only.

Some places may offer bundles too but not only bundles. Lastly you obviously have far too much time on your hands in your miserable existence that you're able to troll around on other people's posts that are simply trying to illicit a response from a business that will not respond to any form of communication.Tw**s like you who have all this courage online but almost assuredly none in real life are pathetic.

I can almost guarantee you that have one tenth of that in person. My suggestion to you is one get a life, two only act in the same way you would in person that you do online and finally minds your own business *** pos.


Well. This is what this website if for.

For everybody. Not just the reviewers. Learn the difference. I'm betting you're a customer that they don't want.

What's the real reason why you're lying and fabricating details?

BTW, people are able to read. You must be stuck onto stupid!

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