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Hello this is my 3rd attempt trying to reach GS and I've tried several times on social as well. I have obviously yet to receive any kind of response.

To make matters worse I was already pretty irritated with GS. I traded in my ps4 pro last fall and was told by GS employees that they'd have ps5 consoles by the end of last year or the very beginning of this year so I traded mine in and got a gift card. Now every single time GS gets Ps5s they put them in bundles trying to force people's hand to buy 800 or 900$ worth of stuff just to get a console. Meanwhile every other store getting consoles (much more often I might add) are selling just consoles and not cramming bundles down people's throats like GS.

So at this point with all of the above happening I'm done with GS. So my question is can I please trade this gift card for cash so that I might take my business somewhere that's actually offering what I want and not trying to force me to buy a bunch of other stuff I already gave or don't want? I've been waiting like 5 months for GS to sell a console and every single ti. E they say they gave some it happens to be bundles.

If you're just going to say no I can't then please forward my email to a supervisor. Tha k you for your time and I'm sorry none of this is directed at you of course.

Location: Amsterdam, North Holland

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No, sucks for you.

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