I have been waiting since September 5 th for my game they took my money on the 4th fedex sent me a text saying it will be Delivered on the fifth on the sixth and seventh I stopped the FedEx man that was in my neighborhood and he told me that he has it on his iPad but he cant find the box so I called GameStop and they told me because I didnt pay for shipping that I would have to wait 10 to 12 days or 14 days whatever it was for me to receive at the FedEx horse box I called FedEx and they said thats not true I got a text message stating that the box was put on my front porch on the 14th and the people home and a dog and box never showed up I have been calling GameStop they told me the first time it would be 2 to 5 days for the investigation and it was 5 to 10 days for investigation investigation now itsIts 10 to 15 days as of September 29 I still have no answer and I have no game and I have no refund I called FedEx FedEx told me that they dropped a box off on the fifth now how can that be if on the sixth and the seventh I stopped the local FedEx man in my neighborhood and he told me it was on his iPad and he couldnt find a box so someone is lying to me which doesnt matter at this point I want even my game or I want my refund Ive waited long enough and still no answer and Im doing nothing to make the consumer happy

User's recommendation: Don’t order from GameStop especially if you need a present because they don’t stand by their shipping and they don’t care if you received it or not.

Location: Newark, New Jersey

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