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I purchased Skylanders Giants starter pack for my 6 year old son for Christmas. He didn't want it and never opened it.

I had been looking for the receipt, but couldn't find it. Today he brought it into the GameStop where I bought it. I told him that he would not get any money for it and prepared him to be okay with store credit. However, the clerk tol him that they wouldn't take it back at all not even for store credit -- and even if I had found the receipt, they still wouldn't take it back or give store credit.

I wa completely flabbergast that they wouldn't give him store credit with a receipt. Apparently, we had to return it by January 15 or 30 days after the purchase. I cannot believe a legitimate business could get away with such a ridiculous return policy especially when children are involved.

I was offer the "helpful" tip that I could try and sell it on eBay. That comment was not appreciated especially when I had a very disappointed 6 year old trying not to cry!

Monetary Loss: $80.

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I do feel sorry for the kid, but its your fault for taking too long to return it after christmas. Some places I've worked for wont accept it past the 30 days of purchase, christmas or not.

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