While I will NEVER buy a new game from game stop unless its a SEALED PC title I will buy used games from GameStop all day long. The reason I wont buy a new game is because when you get them theyre unsealed and the employees get to take them home.

Their return policy on used games is actually great. Full refund or exchange if you dont like it. The people that work there are elitist pukes I agree so I dont conversate with them because if one of them gets rude with me Ill seriously *** em up so dont play with me.

I dont want your *** worthless GameStop card or that worthless magazine you get when you sign up for the card. Also I dont preorder *** so dont ask

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Fitchburg, Wisconsin, United States #753241

I never buy an unsealed "new game" from them. What's to say that they get games returned to them in perfect condition that they pay half value for, then charge you the full new price and claim it was only because they needed a display. The only new games I buy from them must be sealed and unopened copies.


The reason why some new games are unsealed is because they must take the game out to display the case... that's just how it is..

they do their best to only sell sealed copies.. but if it is the last one they have... and you are crying that you want the game so bad then of course they will give you the display copy... And as for buying pre owned only..

that actually supports gamestop.. because preown is pure profit for them..

to Anonymous #745634

No I don' tbuy that at all. They can get one case possibly supplied by the game manufacturer or only open ONE game case and have the rest of the NEW games UNOPENED behind the counter

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