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I am a member of GameStop and been purchasing games from there online site since 2010.I placed an order on Friday April 15th for (1) Dark Souls 3 Lord Cinder Statue.

It was shipped on the Wednesday 20th and arrived to me Friday 22nd. Everything is fine. I sold online a similar one and wanted to drop ship from GameStop online site. Bare in mind, I drop ship from GameStop in the past with no issues.

So I used my backup card, same billing address and a backup email address. I received a confirmation email, a review email and then my order was canceled 20mins later. Email read "contact financial institution." I use my backup card weekly, so I know nothing is wrong but I called Chase anyways. The agent said my card is good standing.

Next, I used my fathers card to checkout as a guest. Same results as before. We think its due to having the same billing address. Saturday April 23th, my uncle came over to are house and said use his card, so I did and completed the order.

Few hours later, after being reviewed it was canceled. His billing address is a PO box but that shouldn't matter since my customer has a home address. Next, I decided to call the # in the email. I waited half an hour when the agent received my call.

We couldn't 100% hear him, so I put on speaker and asked him to speak louder. I think GameStop customer support is from India or Philippines. He said for this particular item, there is a limit 1 item per day. Just so my dad heard him correctly.

He said I could order one today, tomorrow, the next day, etc etc. The agent said yes. So we hung up and waited the next day, Sunday April 24th. With my hopes up, I tried again with my backup Chase card again, this time I couldn't pass the checkout screen because it said I exceeded my limit.

Frustrated, I called back the #, this time waiting period was 5mins or less because it was in the morning. When the woman answered, I explained to her what happened before and she couldn't couldn't give me a definite answer why my backup card was declined. Except that it didn't pass there AVS security check. I thought that was strange, I placed orders in the past using same billing address on both my cards, with no issues.

She suggested we try ordering over the phone. While I was hesitant to try this, I did so anyways. I was surprised shipping over the phone was cheaper. Once the order was complete.

I hung up once more. Approx. 40mins I received a canceled order email. By this point, I was irritated.

Every agent I spoke felt like a run around. I called back once more, but this time I demanded to be transferred to corporate office. I believe she transferred me to her boss (who is in the same building in either India or Philippines). I asked where are there and she said Philippines.

Next, she told me that the first agent I spoke to was incorrect. "Not 1 per day, but 1 per household." She said contact my financial institution, I told her I did and everything is okay with my Chase and BoA cards. By that point, she said I could go to my local GameStop and order from there. I said not possible since the item is online only.

Then she said to buy a gift card from local GameStop or Amazon for the amount of the item, mail it to my customer for him to order himself. That is a definite no solution either. I asked why my uncles card was declined and she couldn't give me an answer without talking to him. I said he's not here.

She said she was sorry but there was nothing she could do. So I hung up, frustrated and pissed off. I started Googling what reason could it be. I found a couple of forum sites by people with similar situation that are all "blacklisted" or "blocked" because GameStop security system flag them as suspicious/fraud activity.

An once that happens there is no way of getting out. I was shocked, sick to my stomach and disgusted! I am not committing fraud. I was lied too, given false information.

When this whole time I been "blacklisted". I wasted several days by all this. I have a good purchase history, keep all my orders saved and have over 17,000 unused points. I hope an American in the real corporate office in the USA finds this review and help me out.

I will type a similar report to BBB.

This is absolutely ridiculous!Until this gets resolved, I will go to social media, tell my friends and other people to avoid GameStop and shop elsewhere.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. maxmad112 stated that there is a room for improvement of customer service and poorly trained support. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of gamestop customer care. Gamestop needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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So you're mad you couldn't scalp an item for profit and someone got it at cost instead of paying you an extra $200? Tough luck buttercup.


Perhaps you shouldn't be selling things that you don't actually have in-hand?

Seems like you're just mad that you tried to game the system and lost.

to Anonymous #1171145

If you don't have anything nice to say, then keep your opinion to yourself.

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