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Customer Service lied. In-Store Management has lied.

I was refused my request for them to forward this problem to a District Manager...

...Does this need to be taken to Small Claims Court?

You took my money, the delivery went to the wrong location, and you expect me to take this financial loss... because FedEx couldn't leave the package at my door? It is inexcusable that FedEx left the package outside, in plain view, by the ONLY stairs I can think of. This is the lowest effort I've ever seen from a company.


Order Never Received.

Spoke with Customer Service for hours to get this resolved.

I received ZERO Follow-Up.

I was promised a replacement within 10-14 days.

It has been 37 DAYS since my item was "Delivered"... Except, it was NOT delivered anywhere NEAR where I live... This does not qualify as "Order Delivered". This qualifies as "Order Tossed Somewhere Ambiguous, and We're scamming you out of your money."

Supposedly, my item was delivered on August 23, 2020.

I have visited multiple GameStop stores in-person to attempt to get this escalated.

I have had 3 promises made to me, that this will be resolved.

I have not been contacted once, by the GameStop store that I shared this info with.

Call, Text, Email, .... Meet me at my front door... I do not care.

CONTACT ME ASAP, or I will be following up with legal action.

If I am not contacted within 48 hours, I will be filing a claim with the BBB.

I have documented every attempted phone call (6 different days, of waiting for my call to be answered by Customer Service for over 60 minutes before giving up.) My 7th attempt to call Customer Service, had me wait nearly 90 minutes for someone to answer my call, and they confirmed I would receive a follow-up email. I have followed-up with FedEx, and the item was NOT LEFT BY MY DOOR.

I was informed they left my package "next to the stairs". I do NOT have stairs outside of my apartment. The only stairs at my apartment complex, are outside, and nowhere remotely close to where my address is.





You're about to lose a customer of 15 years, who spends thousands per year in your store. I have absolutely no problem boycotting this business, and sharing all of these shady tactics used, on every public platform I am able to.

You're stealing from a faithful customer, who has lost all faith in you as a reliable company. This is disgraceful, and you should be able to handle ONE TRANSACTION...

...Or after I have decided to pursue legal action, and file a complaint with the BBB (rightfully so), I will also share all of this information with that YouTuber that GameStop hates oh-so-much. He would LOOOOOOVE to do a full video on this, since I am not the only person that GameStop is avoiding.


You have essentially stolen +$400 from me, let down my sister for her birthday, and lied to me numerous times. This is absurd.

User's recommendation: Do not give GameStop your business. They will steal from you, and lie about it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gamestop Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $401.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Gamestop Pros: Watching them die as a company.

Gamestop Cons: Deception, Theft, Lack of communication.

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Bro your gripe is with fedex they’re the ones who just left your package somewhere and didn’t try to find your apartment. GameStop did ship it out fedex messed up.


Listen up, Keyboard Warrior. Your comment adds zero value to this issue.

I’m not mad at anyone. In fact, I’m entertained by your ignorance. Go ahead, order something for over $400 and have it get lost on its way to your home. Take the time and effort, to proactively seek a refund or replacement or store credit.

Simply to have Mr. Nobody tell you, “you're mad at the wrong company.” Okay. Cool. Who do I get mad at in order to get my money back?

Oh yeah, it doesn’t work like that. Just like pointing fingers at another company, doesn’t get my money back. What DOES get my money back, is pursuing legal action. GameStop is in such poor shape, they couldn’t even handle me taking them to Small Claims Court because the expense of their lawyer would be more expensive than refunding my money (by at least 5x).

GameStop might be mad at FedEx. FedEx might be mad at me. Ultimately, I do not care about the incompetent employees. I care about my money, and my multi-decade long relationship with a company that I’ve shown extreme loyalty to.

I have (in-writing) FedEx admitting they could not locate my home. FedEx admitted they left the package in a very open location, hoping I would find it before someone else. (Seriously. This is in writing.) I have (in-writing) GameStop admitting fault, as they failed to keep their word on multiple DOCUMENTED promises.

I now have a “Customer Support Reference Number” of the call; which was recorded, that provides me a way to hold someone accountable, should my refund not be received in the next 2 days (since it’s been 13 business days, and I was promised 15 business days at the longest. ...even though I should have had this item in August. Or the refund should have been provided over 30 days ago.) Go ahead. Tell me who I should be mad at.

You aren’t GameStop. You aren’t FedEx. You’re just a nobody that comments on others’ problems, and adds no value or substance. Your advice is as good as the contents of a public restroom waste bin.

GameStop’s online orders are notorious for having an embarrassingly poor ‘resolution’ rating. You’re defending a process that needs no defense. (While delivery is outside of GameStop’s control sometimes, I can understand that. It became their problem when they chose to not follow through with a recorded, documented, and promised resolution / replacement / refund.) Anyways...

GameStop has LOADED my account with a sizable amount of store credit. (A couple hundred dollars in store credit, if that tells you HOW WRONG THEY WERE.) Their attitude changed once they realized I spent thousands at GameStop, annually. My refund should be received in under 48 hours from now. I never yelled at anyone.

I took this to the BBB. Guess how quickly GameStop got a hold of me? 44 Minutes. Guess how long it took to get documentation?

11 Minutes after the call was answered. You can handle it your way. I handled it my way. I got refunded more than I paid, in store credit already.

Next, I’ll be refunded my actual cash money. I think I handled this appropriately.

If you have time to comment on people’s problems, you have time to make the world a better place. Go do that.


The consumer is right. The anonymous commenter is... not smart.

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