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Plain and simple.Remove the gamestop advertising artwork from the used games especially if you resale them when you are done like I do.

I have had numerous problems with this company and I vow to never buy from them or eb games again. They ripped me off for a black ops 2 care package and then charged me shipping even though it was never shipped. I had to file a claimwith the bbb just to get my shipping charge back. They are a pathetic excuse for a business and I am convinced that they discard the original cases just to place their advertising in the used game cases.

Think about it!I think you should get a bigger discount for their crummy generic case anyway.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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The reason why GameStop uses those cases is because a person had traded in a game without the case.GameStop does not throw the cases out to put their "advertising" on it...

they use those cases so that someone who wants to purchase the game can have a case with the game if the game wasn't returned with a case. This complaint is silly.

If you're looking for a hard-to-find game, but the only trade-in was without a disc...wouldn't you rather have an ugly case to protect your game until you get home or to leave with literally just the disc?


I...I think i agree with some of your post. Honestly though, I'm having a hard time understanding the entire thing, your topic and first line are about the cases - Something that matters none at all it's that or an ugly plain black case. They do not just discard the original cases, a lot of people who trade in games(myself included) don't bring the case in with us, I dont use cases at home (CD Case) so I don't keep them on hand on the off chance i made trade the game a few years from now.

After that you go into a rant about soemthing total unrelated to the initally mentioned issue. The latter point you made is wrong, and sucks.

Then you rant back into the case just to try to make a point about getting stuff cheaper because its not in its orignal case.

The middle bit I can agree withbut the parts about the case are just dumb, grow up and either don't buy used or stop complaining.

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You really shouldn't get a bigger discount since they don't deduct from trades for not having a case. Think about it!!! Fuktard

to you're a whining child #597462

That is such a good argument since they pay you what $1 for trade ins maybe $5 on a brand new game. Only children trade in to gamestop. An adult is smart enough to realize when they are getting screwed.

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