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I went in to Game Stop to ask about their Doorbuster sales and in paticular the play station 4. After discussing it with employee I went and purchased a gift card for the Playstation 4 Spiderman bundle.

When I return three hours later with a giftcard for the bundle they inform me that they sold out the first day and that there will be no more sent. Why didn't they tell me this when I went in there the first time. Then they tried to sell me a used playstation for more than the new one. There are two Gamestops in Fairbanks,so I went to the other one and when I entered 20 minutes before closing time the employee tried to throw me out.

Then when I asked them about the bundle they also imformed me that they sold out the first day,and also tried to sell my a used playstation for more than the new one.

In both stores there is still a huge sign over the register specifically advertising this Spiderman bundle even though they have none with no prospects of getting any. Tell me what you would call that?

Reason of review: Switch and bait.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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It is actually called supply and demand. Each store only has a certain amount of stock of any given item.

This is true for any store you go into whether it be on of ours, Walmart, Target, or any other.

If a store sells out of a particular item due to popularity, your best bet would be to wait for a new shipment if any. I do hope you feel a little more educated after reading this.

to Gamestop Corporate #1615902

Supply and Demand!??!, you call hanging an advertisement up in your store days after you don't have any,with no chance of getting anymore,and then telling the consumer that,that they can buy a used one for more cost than the advertised new one ,and after the consumer went into the store and asked about the product,and was not told that they didn't have anymore,but was told all about the product that they did not have anymore,with no chance of getting anymore ,supply and demand does not cover this deception. To add to that the consumer went and purchased a gift certificate with which to buy the product that they were told all about without being informed that there were no more with no chance of getting anymore.

Then to add insult to injury,they try to sell him a used model for more than the advertised new one. You call this supply and demand! What school of thought did your corporate clowns attend.

The school of Used car salesmanship!!! Did your corporate clowns even read the whole comment??

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