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Well I talked to a supervisor at GameStop named Kidd, I had the PlayStation 5 in my cart twice plus the other night when they were first released I had got them several times. People.

With bots take the stuff out of your cart and you can not check out. Well he said if I can prove it because he did see it was in my cart. He said bots are not used on GameStop. If I could prove it he would make sure I got one .

Well there are 1000 videos how to. Purchase a bot and do it even at game stop. He would not take my phone call 10 minutes later. Its happened several times and I am pissed.

I have a GameStop account and they can steal it out of my cart and he will not go good with his word. My child thats all he wanted for Christmas. He is the only child no neighbors or friends he can play with x 1 year now. So I was lied too.

And no one cares. So he will get it by Easter but I will not ever deal with them again.

Penny coupal. Definately not going to renew my membership.

User's recommendation: No do not deal with GameStop they ship you overseas to talk to a manager.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Gamestop Cons: Poor customer service, Poor customer service very rude, Online and app customer service, Read the review stay away from here, 2 hours on phone three different times.

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You really can't be this stupid can you? An employee would never make that promise, especially for an item that is so I credibly limited in stock. You should probably come up with a better story, and in the future, don't promise things to your kid before you actually have them.

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