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I went to gamestop after they call me for ps5 preorder. I was there in 20min and they had all sold out.

Which is odd since it only took me a short time to get there and they stated they had more people to call when they called me. I then drove the next morning 1 hr 30min to try to pre order in Johnson city ny. The store never did preorder since they close early I got there 1 hour before the store opened and they had already opened and gave people tickets to pre order the ps5 so I couldnt get one there either. The funny thing is it seemed to be a lot of the store employees friends in the line getting the pre order.

So at both locations they call their friends first and get them there to preorder then call us regular people waiting?

I dont feel that is fair the employees already get first dibs now they make it even more unfair by calling friends first. I just feel its wrong.

User's recommendation: Don’t go to game stop if unfair practices are going to continue.

Location: Sidney, New York

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You must be a genius, so if that's the case you must realize that for everyone person getting a call there were at least 3 people just showing up at the store. Face it you were just too late for an extremely limited item, it sucks for you, but the world isn't gonna end because you couldn't get a toy, and if so, you're priorities might need reshuffling.

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