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I read an advertisement of buy 2 games and get the 3rd one free under $20. I could not find any games worth buying under $20.

The game my daughter was looking at Despicable Me, was a "used" game, upon considering I decided to look up the retail price of a "new" Despicable Me game. The cost was $19.99 brand new at any other retailer, some online sources selling it $16.99. Gamestop sells it "used" for $26. Used!!!

I approached the sales person and they said that they are not responsible for the prices, they were very aware of these prices being more than the retail prices. Someone else decides those prices and we have no say in that, was their answer. Therefore if I wished to buy the "used" game I would have to pay the $26. How can a store such as this promote and advertise as the best deals on games when they are selling their used games over the original retail price of the exact same game but brand new.

If I saw this sale person somewhere, my first impression would be, there is this person who sells these ripoff games. How sad for them to work there and have their credibility as a person and what they stand for, questioned. Terrible experience! We ended up buying the game an hour later at another location.

Brand New for 19.99 and a 10% off coupon!! I did not end up losing money, false advertising and bad business is very common these days, but I can see where many younger naive people think they get a deal but are spending money on these games.

My point, if I sold a used watch, and down the street the watch is sold new for $100, I decide I want to sell the used watch and pick out young people prone to fall for my sale pitch and advertising and proceed to selling them the used watch for $125, my business conduct is less then honorable and I better watch my step as many would come to retaliate. Also, I have to add, instead of your employees to just stand around doing nothing, they could wipe down their used game boxes as some of them had stuck on dirt/food between the edges.

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Federal Way, Washington, United States #823026

If you work at Gamestop then you have no credibility as a person, what if you have no job?

to employed #823065

Well yes, that's why it is so sad that people might very well be judged as an employee because of the ripoff scamming employer, right. I certainly don't but some might.

And yes, some employees will tell you that you will not find it cheaper anywhere else where there are others whom don't mind being honest and tell you to hit Walmart. BTW, yes Gamestop has been sued repeatedly for false advertising.

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #807877

Welcome to capitalism where people can charge what they want for items. It's not false advertising, they told you the game used was $26.

You choose to either buy the game or buy it new for less or don't buy it. And if you buy 2 used games you get another free, that is not false advertising. Yes, some used games have a higher price to make up the loss of the 3rd free game.

Also some used games never depreciate in value, some are still sold at $55 even years after they are released because people are still willing to pay that price. Yay capitalism!

to Anonymous #1288784

No one should shop there and now with the "circlear of life" scandal and the rise of digital distribution gamestop's demise is imminent.

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