when my child and I entered the store, we were not greeted. The man behind the counter was working on another customer game system.

He stopped to check out the lady in front of me, then told me that I would have to wait for the other clerk to come from his break( outside smoking and texting). I was at a loss for words. How is it that he could stop n help the first customer but not help me as well.

My son and I had a similar experience like this month's prior. The customer service is absolutely horrible and I will not continue to patronize game stop if they don't get better with their customer service!!!!

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i called customer service, because of a gamestop employee lied to me about a trade in, and tried to *** me, on a psp vita, i told to a customer rep, and they told me straight they do not care, about my businesss, or do not need me as a customer. As a resultI will never shop at a gamestop again.


Sounds like you're being a little too entitled here. The employee was already with a customer.

They can't just drop what they're doing to help you. If you were a little more patient, they would have gotten to you.


reread your own story, crazy person. the lady in front of you was THE LADY IN FRONT OF YOU.

she was there longer. learn how to be patient, what a great example to set in front of your little brat.

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Maybe it's due to the fact that the lady was in front of you in line that you were not helped immediately...?

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