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It's time we all voted with our dollars! I read several of the complaints on this website and I have had or seen all of the same issues.

They are a terrible company with terrible policies and employees! They will sell you an opened game and say its new for $59.99 and then won't even accept it back if there is an issue because it isn't shrink wrapped! They don't price match ANYONE, not even themselves and they will give you $160 for an xbox one and sell it for $449.99 (Current and ACTUAL prices!!!)!!! How do you sell a used system for more than it costs brand new from the company that makes it!

Every time I go into a gamestop, I feel ripped off, or worse. I often just walk out and go somewhere else out of pure frustration! I literally laugh at their ads, which are all pitiful and contain overpriced "price cuts" and "deals". Now, Walmart and Bestbuy are doing trade-ins which takes more power away from these Gaming Tyrants!

I'm voting with my dollar from now on. Unless the discount is severely significant or they mess up with the digital codes like they did with Dying Light, I will spend my money elsewhere.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Employees, I dislike how they handle things, Employee lied to make sale, Over priced used games.

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When you are sold a new game that isn't shrink wrapped, it's because it's the last copy of the game in the store. The game inside will be contained in a white disc container that is sealed with a sticker.

If you bring the game back and the disc is still in the container with the sticker untouched, then GameStop will consider it a new game. If the seal is broken, the game is used. Also, you're quoting the price for an Xbox One with the Kinect sensor - not just an Xbox One. An Xbox One without Kinect sells for $349.99, which is $50 less than Microsoft's MSRP.

The MSRP for an Xbox One with Kinect is $500, and GameStop sells them refurbished for $449.99 (however, Microsoft has recently been running a promotion that takes $50 off both models). Prices can vary between regions - this goes for all stores and has to do with warehouse service, stock, and shipment prices - so price matching is not done unless it is a very special exception. Most other stores do the same thing. In short, you didn't do your research before posting this complaint, and it's very misleading.

Any GameStop GA, SGA, or store manager will be able to tell you these things if you take the time to ask and listen instead of get upset and act negatively.

Generalizing GameStop as a terrible, tyrannical company with terrible employees is taking your limited experience and applying it to over 6,000 stores and over 17,000 employees - most of whom are passionate about gaming and make it a priority to make sure customers feel the same way. Feel free to take your money elsewhere, but try to do some research before spewing venom from behind your keyboard, because it doesn't help anyone.

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