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On 11/14/2013 at 10:23am I called the GameStop in Groton, CT (985 Poquonnock Rd. Groton, CT). I was calling to ask the balance I had remaining on my Xbox One Day One Edition. A male answered the phone and told me his name was Caleb. I told him that I wanted to check the balance of my Xbox One Day One Edition.

Caleb told me the following: "I have no time to do that right now. PS4 gets released tonight at midnight and I am too busy." I asked Caleb if I could call back later. Caleb told me "No way, not at all today. I won't have any time." Caleb then hung up before I could ask to speak with a manager.

Now I do not work in the gaming industry and I do not know the ins and outs of a console release. That being said, I feel this was completely unacceptable. To tell a customer that you are too busy for him and that you can't take 30 seconds to punch in my phone number to look up a balance...well that is uncalled for. Caleb was rude, unapologetic, and makes me never want to shop with GameStop again. I have been exclusively buying my games and consoles from GameStop for over a decade now, and I have NEVER had someone treat me this way. I guess this is why everyone I know has switched over to amazon.com to order their games and consoles. Why bother driving to a store, or have to deal with someone as rude as Caleb? A couple clicks of the mouse and amazon delivers to my door.

I completely understand the holidays are coming up and that is an extremely busy time of year. Also a release of a long awaited console has to be stressful on your employees, but that is no excuse for treating the customer so poorly.

After I pay off my Xbox One and pick it up, I am more than likely done with GameStop. I know one customer is no skin off their back, however I have a feeling more customers who have an experience like this one will follow suit.

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So, one random employee is rude to you and that spoils the entire history you have with the company? Which then, in turn, makes you not want to shop with GameStop anymore? That doesn't make any sense.

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