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Exactly what I sent their company on this store;

"I am highly disappointed in the quality of management your corporation has at the 4315 Commerce Dr Ste 480, Lafayette · (765) 446-1417 store. I have a huge family of gamers, to the point I bought several xbox ones. Lately the kind and quality of service I have had at your stores have been deplorable. To the point I recently returned the xbox one I had purchased from your company and just ordered another from target.

I had some nephews that desired gift cards to your stores for Christmas so regrettably I had to return to the Lafayette store. Yet again walking through the doors I was overcome by the horrific smell in the store. The employee(s) standard for hygiene that are employed at that store is absolutely the worse foul smell than any retail customer service representative I have ever seen. I have a lot of experience in the field seeing how I had been a customer service manager in the past for a retail change store.

When I am going to spend thousands of dollars a year on video gaming items, I expect at least any kind of standards from the employees management employs at the store. The last time I said something to the cashier working when I traded my husbands Call of Duty ghost 360 game in for the One edition, my concerns about the awful order was disregarded completely. Yet I go in again today to see the same awful filthy body order smell still there weeks later.

Had I had to wait another 5 minutes to be served I would have left. It took everything I could muster to hold my breathe as long as possible the few minutes I had to stand closest to the raging oder when I was at the register.

Your management for this region should be ashamed."

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Georgetown, Kentucky, United States #787270

Lol @ "body order"

This pissed consumer is obviously insane. I too have a complaint about game stop but this person's post just made me laugh.

How do you expect a person with human feelings to react when you complain, in front of other customers and employees, about their poor personal hygiene and "the worse foul smell body order". The complainant should try to hold their "breathe" a bit longer until they cease to be able to use their "breathe" altogether.

Not certain how they were ever employed at all, let alone as a customer service manager with their inadequate use of the English language.

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