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On October 13 2014, I placed an order for the PlayStation 3 500GB Limited Edition - Red and red controller. In the morning of the 14th I received email notification that my order was received and was processing; I will be notified when the item has shipped.

Thursday (the 16th) rolls around, I have not received any notification. I call the customer service number, where they proceed to tell me, my order has been on hold because my card had a hard decline. Understanding, that I may have entered my card number incorrectly, I then asked why was I not notified of this? The order was placed on Monday, it is now Thursday.

We sent you an email they said. I never received any email, first of all. I had to reorder the same thing. I received the PS3 yesterday, as soon as I opened the box I IMMEDIATELY noticed that controller was not the right color.

I was sent a blue controller. On the picture, the controller is red, therefore I ordered a RED controller. I call customer service again, asking what needs to be done and if I am able to just exchange the controller with a Gamestop that is near by. I am told I cannot go to a Gamestop, I have to get a shipping label sent to my email, print that out, ship back the blue controller.

Once they receive the blue controller, they will then send me a red controller. Excuse me? I have already waited a week longer than I had to because I was never notified my FIRST order didn't go through. Why should I have to wait for the controller I ordered, to come in the mail possibly taking another week to get to me, because quality control apparently does not exist at the warehouse where my PS3 was shipped from?

I hang up, call all the Gamestops in my area, only 1 has the red controller I want. This Gamestop is on the other side of the town, 30 minutes away from work. I drive to that Gamestop and exchange the blue controller for the red one. I then come home, unpack, and plug everything in.

I, then, realize the red av cable is bent! How does that even happen!? How can you screw up an order that bad? I was never notified of the first order being on hold, I was sent the blue controller instead of red AND the red av cable was bent!

I have been in customer service for 7 years and have NEVER seen such poor quality control/assurance.

If someone is going to spend a good amount of money to buy an electronic, or anything of that matter; we expect to get what we paid for. EXACTLY what we paid for, not a bend av cord or a blue controller.

Review about: Gamestop Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #904042

i agree. i'm going to Amazon.

Campbell, California, United States #900051

I don't recommend anyone use gamestop online. the customer service is 0..

they don't have any answers and I believe none of the so called team member care. they lie don't want to give names and when they do they give false names. you waste your time and even lose out if a limited item is available.

if you have to do online go to Amazon.. the company will figure it out when Amazon stocks go up.

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